Mikuni Main jets needed. Where to buy?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by thaicbr, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals. I need to find some main jets for my new bike as the carbs have been f==ked around with by previous owners. I need a 135 and 122.5 main jet for a Mikuni bs/bds 36 on a Suzuki Vx800 basicly the same motor as a 750 Intruder. I have been around the local shops out where i am and all i get Mai me (not have) or the wrong size.

    I haven't made the trip into Bkk as yet because its a fair way to go if i get the same result.

    So if you know a shop or maybe live around the corner from one and can pop in and ask. If i have to get sent from CM by EMS no problem.
    Thanks Allan

    On looking into it more it seems i need a 122.5 Mikuni small round main jet and a 135 Mikuni large round main jet.
    Thanks Allan
  2. WOW. 40 views and nobody knows where i can get these jets. Amazing.
    Well Update i've tried Redbaron,dirtbike and kspeed. no have or order from Japan (MAYBE). I find it amazing that nobody can supply a simple jet here in Thailand. TIT
  3. Thanks CS. I think that i have sorted it. IRON HORSE in Pattaya may have them. I will find out later today. Allan
  4. I was told the bike shop on right down chang moi(preeda) would have mikuni jets, if I took one in to show them.
    the shop with helmets outside, next to a bank
  5. Update. I'm still looking for main jets as the HD guys do not go small enough.

    These are the jets i'm after. If you know anywhere please let me know.

    Mikuni N100.604.135
    Mikuni N102.221.122.5
  6. do you have a pic?
    i have some for a mikuni tm33
  7. Hi mate thats the N100.604 for the tm33. It is a slot head jet with a 8mm head. The N102.221.122.5 is similar but only has a 6mm head.

    Do you have a spare 135 and 122.5 you can let me buy?
    Thanks Allan
  8. i think I have a spare 132.5 and 137.5 but can't read it too good.
    about 8mm slot head
  9. That's cool mate. How much do you want for them. its easy enough for me to transfer by atm and you send them to me by EMS.
  10. 3966124758_bd0b499dc6_m.
    Are these what you need?
    where are you?
    you have paypal?

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