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  1. I am organising a tour for 4 of us of North West Vietnam from Hanoi in Dec. I am going through Flamingo Travel due the recommendations on this site, but I have some concerns of the capabilities of the Minsk 125cc bikes they recommend. All 4 of us are not lightweights, but all very experienced riders of big bikes and there will be no pillions, so only luggage to contend with. We will be riding for 11 days, all on road, and I really really want to book bigger bikes. I understand from reports here that the road surfaces may not be great, and this will not be about racing around, more a sightseeing 1st time trip for all of us, but I also don't want to have to struggle. The bigger bikes Flamingo offer are all offroad bikes (honda XR250's and the like) for an extra $27/day which I am tempted by, but 2 of my little group are vertically challenged which I am also having to think about.

    Will we struggle on the Minsk's and spoil the trip, or will we have a blast trying to wring the living bejezzes out of them?

    Sorry, should have mentioned that they are the new (2011) 4 stroke models.
  2. The Minsk older two stroke bike was hands down the worst bike I have ever been on....
    Do not know much about a four stroke model. On my next trip to Vietnam I am going to rent
    a step through bike like a Honda dream, and bungee a small bag on the back.

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