Minsks for Sale


Feb 12, 2007
Hello! We re coming to the end of an awesome oddessey from Hanoi through Northern Vietnam and across Laos on two of the sturdiest motorcycles known to man, the ubiquitous Russian Minsk. Now we have to leave back to the real world so the bikes are for sale.

We are currently in Luang Prabang but will journey slowly down towards Vientienne in the next week or so. All the documents are there so it should be no problem wherever you want to head next.

As you would expect the bikes are well kitted our for touring with racks, spares, toolkits, maps and even helmets.

We'd be looking for offers in the region of $400 US each.

If you would like to contact me then try [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] and we can send photos etc.

This has by far and away been the coolest part of my trip and there is plenty of adventure left in the bikes!