Mixing your own oil ???

Discussion in 'Technical' started by jethro69, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Many threads about what oil to use where already around...
    The conclusion was, more or less....

    1) semi synthetics are a rip off (very low of "synthetic" inside, double price)
    2) for low performance engines, dino oil will be alright as well, change it more often.
    3) many people use fully synthetic diesel oils in their bikes.

    When you look a bit through the forums, there are a lot of different opinions.
    Some say you can blend whatever you want.
    Others say you have to stick to the same brand.
    Stick to the same viscosity.
    Don't mix more than 25% synthetic, otherwise it'll start to foam...

    Did anyone had in mind to blend his own oil???
  2. Mate,
    Stick to manufacturers recommendations, only use mixed oils on chain!
    If you are serious, see a chemist, or to make money sell tickets to your first big ride, I would love to see what happens to your engine.
    Motorcycle engines are efficient complex machinery (180 plus HP out of a 1000cc motor) unless you of course ride a desiel engined Royal Enfield from India or a Ural from Russia.
    Remember, oil is cheaper than an engine rebuild.
  3. With oil use follow the kiss philosophy; keep it simple and the same for the life of the motor - and I'm not talking about brand.

    Yes there is a lot you can do with modern oils as most are high quality, but you run the risk of combining motor additives that are not compatible. Twenty years ago there was a well known brand name oil and a lesser known catalog oil that if mixed, heated and agitated (like in a motor) produced huge amounts of fairly stable foam.

    Only speaking as someone with a bsc in organic chemistry and a petroleum technology diploma.
  4. Personally, I had not in mind to mix oils, would just know about other members opinion. From the responses I understand, that's a NoNo.
    I did now twice oil changes (less than 1000Km) just to flush the engine. Will change now to Mobil1 Turbodiesel, 400 bath/Liter.
  5. Got my 2 stroke back from a repair shop recently and they proudly displayed the synthetic 2 stroke racing oil that they put in the transmission for me angry-smiley-034.gif
  6. Jethro69
    Curious - what bike are you riding & how often will you change oil once you're using 400 baht a litre oil?
  7. Bought a second hand..(don't start laughing)..Phantom with 20000 KM on the clock (2 years), as I have no idea if there was done any maintenance at all. I changed oil twice, once @ Greenwing the 10/30 they use now, (I couldn't open the plug with normal spanners):cry:, 1000 KM later SAE40 (Honda). Since 1 week now I put in the Mobil1 and after the first 1200 KM I did last week, I can tell it's like night and day, especially shifting gears. My planing was to make intervals somewhere between 4 to 6TKM. 4000 says the manual. If I'll notice a different behavior, I will change more often of course.

    On the downside, I found the Mobil1, only in 6 liter cans, the local Esso station the had 1 liter cans, on the 3rd can they were able to read the price tag (447 bath ?), when I checked the can it was dated somewhere in :lolno: 2544. So I went for the 6L in another shop.

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