Mods Rockers Bike Party Night Chiang Mai.

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  1. Mods vs Rockers Bike & Party Night Chiang Mai.
    6th December 2012.

  2. Excellent! Hopefully some brilliant music..... here's one old Greaser who loves The Who!

    Maybe I'll flood the place with my now redundant Ace Cafe Thailand stickers! :twisted:


    Just wish the cafe racer was still with me!!

  3. Anyone have any info for this bash? Venue?

    (fdale, yep, the Big White Pig is still with me..... off this Saturday with the club to do Tak, Mae Sot, Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son, Pai, Fang, Doi Mae Salong, Mae Sai, Chiang Saen, Chiang Khong and in to Chiang Mai next Thursday evening, hopefully for the above party)
  4. That's a nice ride that you plan to do Martin, what is the name of the club.

  5. Nagas MC mate, or in Thai "Phaiyanaak," founded in Sri Racha almost 10 years ago.


    MY Bike Ad with Pictures

    The Chonburi based guys are starting tomorrow, heading for an overnighter in Petchabun (Homeland Resort) then doing Lom Sak, Phitsanulok and I'll meet 'em on the Tak - Mae Sot road on Saturday.
  6. dammit once again i miss all the fun ,

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