Mon and Kurt's Restaurant and Guesthouse Re-opens in Chiang Dao, in new Location...

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  1. Hello Fellow Riders,
    Mon and I, have finally found a suitable, new location, for our new restaurant and guesthouse in Chiang Dao. (75km North of Chiang Mai). Once again, we named it "Mon and Kurt's Restaurant and Guesthouse" and it is located, right downtown in Chiang Dao, right across from the Chiang Dao Inn Hotel. Our Re-opening day, is on February 12. 2012 (a few weeks from now). Our opening days and hours willl be as follows: Tuesday - Sunday 8am-9pm. We will be closed Mondays! On weekends, we may be open a bit later at night.
    If you get stuck at night, feel free to call us, at 084-173-9975 and we will see what we can do for you. There is also Cees and Chan's place, which is has bungalows 24 hours a day.
    If you break down, in Chiang Dao and know how to fix the problem, I do have quite a few tools, too and a house, where I store our bikes. We do not fix bikes, but might be able to lend you the tool you need, to get on the road again.
    For those of you, who have never been to our old restaurant, we serve mostly Thai and German food, along with great Western Breakfasts (Bacon and Eggs, etc.). We also serve burgers, steaks, ribs, etc.
    Lots of variety of Imported wines and German Beers.
    We have an inside and outside area again. This time, the inside of the restaurant, will be air conditioned, in hot season. We also have two air conditioned guest rooms (425-500 Baht) and one fan room for 280 Baht.
    Motorcycle parking, right out front. Car parking, 30-50 Meters away ;-)
  2. Looking forward to seeing you again. Just remember, we won't be open until the 10th ;-) Got the signs up today and most of the kitchen ready, but we are still waiting on most of the furniture, plus some new stainless sinks and we need to get supplies. Mon and I are getting excited, though ;-)
    There is bike parking only, in front. Those who come by car, might have to park half a block away.
  3. Welcome back to GT Rider Mon & Kurt.
    Your food & service in Chiang Dao was always excellent.
  4. Cool, Erdinger Whitebeer back in Chiang Dao ... I'm looking forward to....

    (Temporary located in DongTaeVee)
  5. The new location

    GPS Waypoint: N19 22.369 E98 57.964

    The shop:

  6. Thank you, David, for the nice words, pic and GPS location. Sorry we missed you, when you stopped by.
    Our Opening day, is on Friday, February 10th( I just noticed that I said the 12th, in my original post, which is wrong). We'll be open from 8am, for customers who drop in and in the evening, at 6pm, on opening day, Mon will put out free food. (Drinks are regular price).
    Of course, you are invited David and we hope that you can make it. Same goes for our old GT-Rider Customers ;-)
    There will be "Bike parking only", in the front of the restaurant, as we have limited parking space, but Mon is negotiating for more parking nearby.

    Rolf, yes we will have Erdinger Weissbier, Weihenstephener and Warsteiner, along with all the usual Thai beers, again :)

    We are both looking forward, to seeing you all again,
  7. Chiang Dao is one our favorite stops at our our daily trips. It is nice to have an option to Nest2
  8. We just added next door, to our restaurant. So now, we have more than doubled our parking (and space) and we will also have secure motorcycle parking inside, at night, for those of you, who decide to spend the night in Chiang Dao.
    We will be closed for holidays and renovations, from Monday April 9th and will re-open on April 24, 2012. When we re-open in two weeks, we will have three new guest rooms with private bathrooms, hot showers, Western Toilets. Two of them will have fans and one air condition. 230/300/500 Baht.
    Restaurant hours 8am-9pm. (Kitchen closes at 8pm)
    Room Access: As long as you rent it before 8:30pm at night, you have 24 hour access. Checkout at noon.
  9. Hello Kurt,

    I will arrive in CD on 1st Dec, so please make sure to have some Erdinger cold enough !!


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