Mon Cham Off The 1096 From Mae Rim - Recommended!

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    Hello forum!

    I just got a tip from this very friendly young café-owner about a newly opened place named Mon Cham off the 1096.

    The place it self is located along the very top of a ridge with stunning near 360° views of the surroundings.
    From what i understand its part of a royal project, and is still under construction. However, the restaurant and café is open so you can have your stimulants of choice in a stilted bamboo hut hanging over the edge if you like. On the other side an "artistic garden" is taking shape with foot paths and some sculptures, and although its still under construction it all has that amazing "only in Thailand" feel to it.

    The turn-off is on your right hand side, coming from Mae Rim, in the first village (Pong Yaeng?) about 4km's after the royal botanic garden. Its well signed from 1096 all the way up. Makes for a splendid ice-cream waffle brake before heading on around Samoeng, or one can easily spend a day up there just enjoying the mountains. I just visited myself for the first time yesterday, Saturday, and the place was absolutely packed, so if you like to avoid that i suppose a weekday would be a better option. Absolutely worth a visit!

    Happy trails :)
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  3. DavidFL

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    The turn off is the Nong Hoi Royal Project road.
    Mon Cham is in Nong Hoi Mai village & is well signposted.
    Just follow the signs...
    After you turn off in Nong Hoi Mai village, the last 100 metres are steep stony gravel, that you may not like if you're on a road bike.

    The Nong Hoi road





    The views

    not so great now, but they are amazing at the right time of the year.

    Mon Cham sits right on the ridgeline


    a novel use for old cars


    Mon Cham is worth checking out & is on a nice side loop from off R1096, the Mae Rim - Samoeng road.


    for options on the Samoeng loop that take in Nong Hoi & Mae Khi.
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    On R1096, east of the Nong Hoi turn off, a new drink stop.
    The Post Bar


    a beautiful road side view


    & a perfect stop for a cooling soda

    check it out sometime.
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    If you want to avoid that last section there is another spot, Mon In Dao, going on up past the turn to Mon Chaem, and on the left side just past the sala next to the radio towers at the top of the primary road. Look for the tents as it is also a Thai style camp spot. Less expensive than Mon Chaem, it has a great view looking back west over Nong Hoi. Best in late afternoons with a setting sun.
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    A plug for Mon Cham which is booming at the moment with cold season & thousands of Thais flocking there for the night to sleep in a tent & observe the sea of fog in the morning.

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