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    To alternate with GT Rider Dinners in Chiang Mai City

    then two weeks later a rendezvous up-country for a ride & another dinner
    then two weeks later back in Chiang Mai for a city dinner.
    :think: :thumbup:

    WHY / WHAT: to try & promote more guys & gals to get out & ride, plus overnight in the smaller towns with less facilities where you might not normally want to go & hang it for a night due to lack of company.
    Big towns with better facilities & night life are easy – you can go there anytime & not get any prizes for being “adventurous.”
    But GT Rider would like to encourage more riders visit & overnight in some of the quieter more traditional towns to experience the REAL Thailand & appreciate the good Thai life.

    SUGGESTED DESTINATIONS = quieter towns to rendezvous & meet up in.
    • Mae Chaem
    • Mae Sarieng
    • Khun Yuam
    • Soppong
    • Chiang Dao
    • Tha Ton
    • Doi Mae Salong
    • Thoed Thai
    • Golden Triangle
    • Chiang Saen
    • Chiang Khong
    • Chiang Kham
    • Pua
    • Phrae
    • Lampang (only because it is so close to Cnx & not many riders over night there, but is probably worth an overnight trip.)

    • Mae Hong Son
    • Pai
    • Chiang Rai
    • Phayao
    • Nan
    No reason NOT to go to any of these towns by yourself. Lots of facilitates / infrastructure for foreigners – Farang / Asian.
  2. Hi all
    My first post to this excellent forum.
    You can count on a few of us up-country folk from Chiang Rai to meet up for dinner on the 23rd at the TBD location. Always looking for a good excuse to get away from the big city for a nice cruise, dinner and a chance to meet fellow bikers.
  3. The designated rendezvous town:

    Saturday 23rd October.

    1. Mae Chaem from Doi Inthanon
    • Doi Inthanon direct via Chomthong
    • Doi Inthanon via Khun Wang
    • Get to Khun Wang from Sanpathong &Mae Wang
    • Get to Khun Wang from Samoeng & Bo Kaew
    2. Mae Chaem via Hot & Ob Luang
    3. Mae Chaem from Khun Yuam via Mae Na Chon
    Not sure where these places are - consult a GT Rider Mae Hong Son Loop map. ... -guide-map
    and ... cation-map

    Mae Chaem Photos & Trip Report

    GT Rider Mae Chaem website
    Mae Chaem

    1. Navasoung Resort
    Tel: +66 (0)53 828477 Fax: +66 (0)53 828228
    2. Mae Chaem Resort
    Phone 053-828025 084-4828454
    3. Chaem Muang Resort ... outus.html
    4. Pongsara Resort

    Pick & book your own accommodation, or take a chance & just roll up.


    5.30PM-ish at Noi Na’s Sawadee Mae Chaem

    At The Nam Neung start 7.30-8PM-ish (the old Krua Lai Hin restaurant)
    East of town & next to the Pongsara Resort
    GPS Waypoint: N18 29.667 E98 22.487
    Look for the Krua Lai Hin restaurant on the GT Rider Mae Chaem city map.


    Start from wherever & whenever you want (set off a day earlier even).
    Ride at your own pace.
    Enjoy the ride, or smell the roses – please yourself.
    Just meet up in the evening in a delightful quiet country town, to enjoy each other company talking bikes & the day’s ride you’ve had.

    It will be ok phansa that weekend so there could be some nice tamboons / festivals at some of the beautiful temples in Mae Chaem. Go earlier & spend 2 nights in Mae Chaem?

    Ride & enjoy the good life in North Thailand.

    See you all on the road.
  4. Great strategic idea not to ride in a heavy bomber formation.
  5. I will be aiming for a fast Saturday Morning sunrise ride to be at Wat Yang Luang ... outus.html
    to see if "where the Jula Katin celebration is held at the end of Buddhist Lent each year, the district's most important religious festival."
  6. I'll be joining,, as i made my plan to do nice 12 tour and coming from MHS.
  7. Guys, I'm not in as I get a visitor on 23.10. from the big smog so for me a no-go. Have a nice ride, cheers, Franz
  8. MAN,, i was looking for meeting you man,,, well im coming to cm for few days on 24th any how,,,,,
    maybe then
  9. I will be aiming for a fast Saturday Morning sunrise ride to be at Wat Yang Luang ... outus.html
    to see if "where the Jula Katin celebration is held at the end of Buddhist Lent each year, the district's most important religious festival."
    :shifty: MY REVISED PLAN:
    Supposedly no big temple festivals in Mae Chaem.
    But Wat Phra That Chomthong in Chomthong has one.
    So I tend to hit that one mid-morning & hopefully get some nice piccies.

    Breakfast at Bier Stube 8AM.
    Depart Cnx approx 8.45-9AM approx.
    Chomthong approx 9.30-10AM.
    Ex Chomthong 11-11.30AM at the latest.
    Arrive Mae Chaem early-mid afternoon.
    Weather / sunshine depending go via Hot-Ob Luang or Doi Inthanon. :wave:
    Sat 20th Nov GT Rider Rendezvous Dinner Up Country. TBA - working on something up in the GT.

    Either Chiang Saen or the Golden Triangle.
    Just checking on 2 restaurants, but my preferred one is near the GT.

    Let's see if we can double attendance on the 1st up-country one. Ho. Ho. :lol:

    Note that the next day Sunday Nov 21 is Loy Krathong, so if you want to escape the LK mayhem in Chiang Mai you could spend Loy Krathong by the Mekong too, in either the GT (Sop Ruak) / Chiang Saen or Chiang Khong. Anyone should be cool, more traditional & more relaxing than Chiang Mai. Just a tip & idea.

    For GT - Chiang Saen accommodation tips
  11. Should be able to make this one!
  12. From

    Interesting my two preferred restaurants are closed / under renovation. Ha. Ha.
    The new Krua Chiang Saen is still being built & a while off being finished.
    The River at the GT is being renovated? & supposedly re-open for Loy Krathong?? But I'm not sure on that either.
    So that leaves about 20 other establishments beside the Mekong.

    For those who want to ride & rendezvous at the Golden Triangle for a beer - meal - chat: go, & let's make a dinner decision for a restaurant at the GT during happy hour?
    We could pick something really good or really disappointing, & still have a great time by that magnificent river: The Mekong.
    My suggestion arrive at the GT / Chiang Saen late-mid arvo & have a massage riverside in Chiang Saen.
    5PM Meet up at the Sriwan Restaurant, opposite the Imperial Golden Triangle Hotel right at the Golden Triangle, & take it from there.
  13. Dr Joe is trying to fix a burned out light switch, putting in a new belt, fine tuning my new HiT clutch, which is a real HiT. Because it enables now to go steeper inclines than before and at my desired speed. I had been hunting for this for 5 years.
    So if all goes well, we will be there.

    Pico + Sao

    Any more girls going?
  14. <> Sorry, Sao. Thim and I won't be going. Loy Krathong is actually one of the few holidays I actually enjoy in Chiang Mai. Great views from our homes.
  15. my ear drums have been at risk these days already. Some of these BBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM are just unbearable loud.
    I just wonder where they get the stuff, must be left overs from The Merchant of Death.
  16. We always take it easy, 350 km is too much, where is a nice and lively place to stay over night. After say 250 km . If possible I don't want to be confined to a dark bungalow shortly after 6 pm.
    Chiang Rai the only option?
  17. Pico PIco
    The Golden Triangle is only 250 kms via R118 - Chiang Rai - R1 - Mae Chan - R1016 - Chiang Saen - R1290 - Golden Triangle.
    Chiang Saen is only 9kms from the Golden Triangle.

    My plan is to leave late Saturday morning / mid-day & potter on up slowly the direct way as described above. ETA Chiang Saen / GT 3.30PM. I have a room booked at Golden Home.

    For sport bike riders looking for a fast ride go via R118 - Mae Kachan - R120 Wang Nua - Phayao - R1 - Chiang Rai - Mae Chan - R1016 - Chiang SAen - R1290 - Golden Triangle.
    For other riders who would like a more scenic ride leave Cnx "early" 8.30AM & go via R107 - Fang - R1089 - R1234 - Doi Mae Salong - R1130 - Mae Chan - R1016 - Chiang Saen - R1290 - Golden Triangle.
    There is plenty of accommodation in both Chiang Saen & the Golden Triangle, but it would be advisable to book something if you intend turning up late, as it is the weekend of Loy Krathong & some places could be close to full, if not full.
    Whatever the ride & the small towns are part of the adventure.
    Watching a FULL MOON come up over the Mekong is an incredibly beautiful sight & to be enjoyed.
  18. Thanks for taking the trouble, David. Interesting, google maps show 310km via 118 and 361km via 107, 101,118 and 327km via 107 Fang. That is quite a bit off, means google maps are not all the good? Or am I doing something wrong?
  19. My ESRI V 11 GPS map shows 244 km requiring about 4 hours (that seems to be a bit fast) for a trip from Chiangmai to Chiangsaen taking the 118, 1 and the 1016 so I guess that Google Earth is a bit off.
  20. Interesting , I did the samesame route this morning, 221 km !! Conclusion, do Google Earth twice. 300 plus seemed far to me in the first place but I never went direct to the Golden Triangle in the past.
  21. see you there. guys !!! at Chiangsaen
    :happy5: :happy5:
  22. The old Krua Chiang Saen is now a Pub & Restaurant


    Called the Baan Phra Chann?
    & probably worth investigating later on in the night; & I hope that the food & service is considerably better than the band's version of Cocaine they were practising on my inspection survey.
  23. My bike ought to have recovered from surgery this afternoon. Made email reservation at Golden Home too, Family room. Hope it works.
    A Goddess plus Princess Sao sounds almost like a divine-royal reunion perhaps we other commons get enlightened too.
  24. I'm leaving from the Kafe at midday, heading up R118 only. ETA Chiang Saen 3PM-ish.
    Picking up Gooding up at the PTT just past the outer ring road on the way North.
    Should be a good one. Massage by the 'Khong. Watch the full moonrise, a drink & a bite to eat + "intelligent conversation". :thumbup:

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