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    Shell Company of Thailand may increase the number of 95-octane petrol pumps and start selling E20 gasohol after the abandonment of 91-octane sales.

    Meanwhile its new chairman is urging the government to open up more of the natural-gas business to the private sector as that fuel becomes more important for transport.
    Sale of 91-octane petrol will cease nationwide on January 1.

    Pissawan Achanapornkul, Shell's general manager for retail sales, said the company would add 95-octane pumps to cater to motorists whose vehicles cannot run on gasohol. Shell needs to retain this group of customers.

    Shell may also need to begin selling E20 - gasohol that is 20 per cent ethanol - as the government has been promoting eco-cars, which can run on that fuel, for the past few years.

    Because of the first-car tax-break programme, more E20-compatible cars are on the Kingdom's roads. Its retail price remains low at Bt34.68 per litre, making it attractive to motorists.

    Next year, Shell plans to increase the number of its petrol stations for 560 at present.

    Asada Harinsuit, Shell's new chairman in Thailand, said that from now on, the company would have three focuses. First is to bring technology to help seek energy sources. Second is to build up business partnerships in the energy industry for the country's stability. Third is to develop human resources to be ready for higher competition in the energy sector.

    He said three challenges existed in the energy business.

    First is the expected increase in the world's population, forecast to rise to 9 billion by 2050 from 7 billion at present. The increase is expected in China and India in particular.

    Second is higher purchasing power and, thus, more demand for energy.

    Third is a decline in new energy sources.
    "Shell will bring its technology to search for new sources of energy, both oil and natural gas.

    Shell will focus on sources of natural gas, which is environmentally friendly. Natural gas is expected to play a greater role in transport in the future as promoted by the government," Asada said.

    A floating LNG facility would allow Shell to access petroleum reserves and transform them into liquefied natural gas quickly. However, such technology requires feasibility studies and state support for the private sector to join in the natural-gas business, Asada said.

    Meanwhile, the company will likely join with its Thai partners for regional investment after the Asean Economic Community takes shape in 2015, he said.
    Asean countries are expected to see a combined rise of more than 50 per cent in energy usage in the next 10-15 years. Their electricity usage combined is anticipated to triple in the next 20 years. Thailand's electricity use is forecast to double by then.

    "Thailand is one of the countries that Shell sees as a priority, as all the businesses Shell invests in here are ranked in the top 10 by global Shell. Therefore, we will expand Shell's business in Thailand," Asada said.

    Source: The Nation.
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  3. guichard

    guichard Ol'Timer

    Hello David,
    At the bottom of the line,What would you fill up the tank of your beloved AT with,
    after Jan 1st,here or in laos?
    Cheers, Lung
  4. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Problem is, 95 gasoline goes for nearly 50 Baht a liter at Caltex and PTT, so reckon it will be equally as expensive if Shell decide to offer it.
  5. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    If I had a Choice I would Only ever Use Real 95. Never Gasohol. In most other Countries 98 Octane (Real Fuel not Gasohol) is still being Sold? But of course in other Countries the Politicians don't Own all the Palm Oil Plantations used to make it!!!
  6. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Yeah, it was such a PLEASURE touring Malaysia where 98 gasoline costs about HALF what we pay for 91 gasohol here in Thailand... Ah well, TiT, whatcha gonna do?
  7. chiangmairich

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    My opinion is that the whole ethanol thing is brainwashing by big companies with vested interests receiving ridiculous grants, example this,

    I'm not a greenie but there is massive amounts of old growth forest being cleared in Indonesia and India, kicking farmers off their own lands that grow produce for people to eat and replacing it with palm tree's.

    The worlds reserves of fuel are massive, especially now with new methods of extraction, fracking and deep well technology.

    There is absolutely no need for blended fuels.
    Anyway good news that 95 will be continued, the high comp motor on the Harley doesn't like low octane, no problem with V-Power.
  8. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    There was an Article in BBC online yesterday that said Gasohol sales in Europe would be limited from next year to 15% of Total Petroleum sales and increase slowly in the future year by year. The Reason stated was the introduction of Gasohol had actually had a reverse affect on the Environment! The Original Idea was to use Food Production left overs and Farm Waste to produce it but of course We all know what happened same as Thailand and Malaysia. The Politicians and Rich Elite have Planted Millions of Acres in Palm Oil Plantations. This meant the Loss of Food Producing Land and in Other Cases Deforestation of natural Indigenous Forests responsible for the Production of the Earths Oxygen Supply!!! In Both Cases a very Bad thing! I am with Rich, Bring Back Real Fuel I say!!! And U* the Greenies!
  9. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    I hate green slime ........its all based on lies anyway .
  10. yankee99

    yankee99 Ol'Timer

    Here in pattaya most station do not have benzine anymore. It is gasahol or nothing. I am curious what all the new ducatis are running on?
  11. Cruising

    Cruising Ol'Timer

    I had no problem finding 91 benzene in Pattaya recently?

    As for using 95 octane in engines that are designed and tuned for`s a waste of money. Any power gain may well be imagined?
    Higher octane burns quicker so the timing needs to be adjusted to get any benefit.

    It just benefits when there is more fuel delivered to the combustion chamber to get it burned,ie biger carbs,valves,cams and high compression pistons etc.
  12. yankee99

    yankee99 Ol'Timer

    The stations are the caltex on sukumvit south of pattaya klang and the petron north of pattaya klang......You are saying going from benzine to gasahol is not a problem for bikes that are not designed for gasahol (ducatis)?
  13. Cruising

    Cruising Ol'Timer

    No not saying that. People seem to think it`s better to run 95 in an engine that is designed and tuned to use 91...waste of money but their choice.

    Just re reading your post... must have been referring to 95 benzine? which i agree it`s really hard to get.

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