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    Well guys I can't add much more to the great reports from Goran and others but suffice is to say that Umphang is simply incredible. Even though it is the rainy season which makes riding on these roads even more treacherous, I just love the countryside during this time. The fields are green and fruits and vegetables are in abundance. The rolling hills outside Umphang town remind me of the south of Laos... Very agrarian.

    It's almost constantly drizzling rain here... With intermittent heavy showers but that does nothing to dampen just how brilliant this place is. IMG_20170725_153205. IMG_20170726_094740. IMG_20170726_095312. IMG_20170725_154520. IMG_20170726_094934.
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    Two days we have been here and will stay a few more. The great Comesing Guesthouse is perfect for us and at 300bht a night is excellent value IMG_20170725_161703. IMG_20170725_163002. IMG_20170725_161959. IMG_20170725_145857. IMG_20170725_164729.
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    Speaking of Comesing... Anyone staying should just take a walk behind bungalow 7 and be prepared to be amazed. Beautiful monastery resplendent with Tiger skulls and huge carved tree trunk pillars... We were very fortunate to have a Burmese monk show us around. A must see IMG_20170726_180601. IMG_20170726_181356. IMG_20170726_180747. IMG_20170726_181002. IMG_20170726_181329. IMG_20170726_181211. IMG_20170726_180601. IMG_20170726_181203.
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    Big Dave,
    How good is it to read reports like yours, filled with excitement. The conditions certainly did not dampen the quality of your photos.
    Looking forward to more..........
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    Great stuff Dave.

    What are those tyres you are running on the bike?

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