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  1. Living along the Eastern Seaboard I started my trip at 6 in the morning near Khao Mai Keaw where I took the 331 in direction of Chansonsao to take the 344 in direction of Kleang. Driving the 331 in the morning and passing Bo Win is not fun with all the weirdo's on their Honda Wave's and other smart drivers in their mini-vans.

    But once at the 344 it starts to be better, and at Nong Yai I left the 344 in direction of Bo Thong to follow the 3245. I drove it all the way until the end (or beginning) of the 3245 where is a temple with a huge sitting Budha.

    Well you can read more about my trip (and see screen-dumps of my route in Google-Earth) at my blog


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  2. I love the smell of .... fresh air in the morning and see the sun rising while I am driving.
    It is the most beautiful part of the day ....

    Chang Noi

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