Motcross/Motard stand plans - roll on style


Nov 2, 2008
I sketched, with Google sketchup, up some plans for a roll for a motocross stand last night. They copy well, and work well, having seen a friend make up a couple for his kids MX bikes with a MIG welder and a tubing bender in a mutual friends shop (in Canada eh). I've been helping others doing simple CAD drawings recently, and from my own experience in CM find when you have something built to detailed plans you get almost what you want. Every project so far has me handing over print outs from every angle, with and with out detailed measurement. During our construction every contractor received a stack of print outs and at least three copies of each 'angle'!

If someone PM's me their email, I can can send dimensioned photos or the Sketch Up files if your so inclined. Finished size is easy to adjust; 30cm stand height for a D-Tracker to over 40cm for a MX bike. Decided to stick with my block of wood that works just dandy for chain cleaning and lubing.