Motobatt Gel Batteries #1 in Thailand

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Star Rider, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Gotta say these things are powerful. It helps that I upgraded my stator and rectifier about a year ago, but all you've gotta do is breathe on that starter button, and the big monstah fires right up.

    I know of three sources for these great batteries:

    LINK in BKK
    087 711 5880

    Iron Horse in Pattaya
    084 111 2889
    Leigh gives a 2-year warranty on those he sells (Leigh had my battery shipped and on its way before I had even deposited the money into his account)

    Sub Anan Motor in Khon Kaen
  2. Excellent info- gel batteries are da bomb but can be hard to find here! :thumbup:
  3. Just a heads up for all of you with Motobatt batteries. As you know, the battery posts for positive and negative screw into the battery with allen hex bolts.

    Well, today, I was getting a little bit of turn signal foolishness. One working, one not, both working, etc.

    Got back to base and pulled off the seat to check the turn signal connections and the dash lights started flickering. Saw a very slight spark near the positive post of the battery, unbolted the positive cable ... and lo and behold ... that battery post was loose. (That hex bolt takes a '4', by the way)

    Tightened things down really good. Now everything operating as it should.

    I will add "Check the battery posts" to my semi-annual maintenance checks.

    NOTE: this won't deter me from replacing my Motobatt with another Motobatt when the time comes. It's a great battery!
  4. are those the bright yellow ones?
    If so, mine lasted 2 years and seemed no better than a Yuasa lead acid battery

    I would like to find a good 18 Ah battery at a fair price rather than the overpriced HD ones
  5. I need 19Ahr x 270 CCA min. and would like more if I sometimes forget the de-compression buttons and the starter groans a bit

    the HD is an AGM
    Motogatt is apparently a GEL
    The rest of the local lot are the traditional wet lead/acid types

    What I would really like is a lightweight, powerful Lithium battery
  6. Since this thread opened
    i have bought a honda battery(car 1.7 months old)
    versys battery 1.8 months old 3000klms
    klx battery ( not sure of age)
    electric scooter ( 6 months old)
    kiddies electric bike (4 months old)
    it seems weird to me that battery's fail here more than the UK where I have also just changed my Volvo battery after 7 years
    very strange
  7. MOTOBATT are made in taiwan ,, they have a good reputation in UK 8/10 users love them on the Ducati forums ...
  8. For what it's worth, just bought a standard battery from Kawa Rama 9 for 1950 baht. The current one was three years old but only got used for two months every year. Better to buy a replacement than being stuck in bumf*** somewhere.

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