Motocross Tyres, 2nds?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Ian Bungy, May 20, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    I have a Supplier in Bangkok who sent me a Set of Motocross Tyres to Try. They are an Australian Tyre, see; . He said they are Seconds and the Lettering has been scaped off on one side. I checked them over and found no Visible Defects (besides the Lettering). This Guy claims as they are for Export the slightest Fault and the tyre will fail QC. Anyway i have the 120/90-18 Tractionator Enduro and the 90/90-21 Tractionator. Great Value. My Question if anyone knows: Are these Tyres Safe? As i can't see any Visible faults they should be OK for what i do? Will be Glad to hear your Comments?
    Cheers Ian.
  2. Ian-

    I think "Visible defects" is the big question. I agree just the lettering sraped off is not a problem, although I don't understand why it would be. I guess a lot would depend on the "facts" that the guy is telling you and if you can believe him.
  3. IAN

    After looking at the website I am 100% convinced Motoz is not a tyre manufacturer. Nobody can put up a tyre company in Australia from scratch and start selling a few enduro and mx models only for the Aussie market. They are only a distributor and they make the tyres in...probably Thailand. And here the factory or somebody working there tries to sell a little off the production line. Maybe the missing info on the side is "made in Thailand". Check on the tyre if you can find the country of manufacture. It should be compulsary.

    Anyhow I think that the tyre is ok and as good as they promise on the Website so just let the dirt fly from your rear tyre.....

    The story behind the "French" Shark helmets (made in Rayong) that flooded the thai Market last year is very similiar, but they were a good deal!!!!

  4. I agree that Motoz is most likely not a manufacturer, but I disagree with
    . From their website it is clear that Motoz is not merely a distributor, as they actually do all the design and R&D in-house. Being a small start-up company, their only choice is to outsource the actual manufacturing to a tyre manufacturer in Thailand, but so what? Many big brand name companies outsource most if not all manufacturing to subcontractors. Some do not even assemble the final product, e.g. BMW's 650 singles. I'm sure that Motoz is more than a mere distributor for a Thai tyre manufacturer, as I can't imagine a Thai company coming up with the innovative designs, as they wouldn't even have a clue where to begin.

    This said, I will certainly try a set of these Motoz tyres on one of my KTMs. Ian, you can expect me to drop in today to have a look at your tyres and get the details for ordering them. Or maybe I can add my order to your next order for the rest of your fleet. If these tyres last on my KTM, I guess they might have a chance of holding up well on those power monsters that your chinese-made Pantera XR250's are... [:D]
  5. I don't think that Ian was questioning the the Motoz brand...

    Motoz are "an Australian Trye Company"... in that they are Australian owned, and the marketing/distribution side of the business is in Australia... the tyres are supposed to be design for "Australian Conditions" which when you consider the size of Australia and different terrain is obviously a catch all statement...

    It is quite likely that the tyres are manufactured in Thailand under licence from Motoz, because nothing is manufactured in Australia anymore...

    I guess that the real issue is going to be what the actual tyre you have on your bike has been deffected for... It might be something as minor as the tread not lining up properly, or a bad colour in the rubber... but I also wouldn't put it past a Thai business man to sell a tyre with a dangerous sidewall defect to another Thai, let alone a farrang if there was a few baht in it...

    I guess I wouldn't be too worried about it on a dirt bike where the speeds are generally a bit lower, and a tyre failure is less likely to end in disaster that at full lean on Suziluke's bike...

    [:D][:D][:D] fitting faulty tyres to hire bikes... you really are becoming Thai aren't you [:D][:D][:D]
  6. Ian,

    Interested in trying some of the new tyres on the XR650, have tried all available in Thailand from Vee Rubber (300kms life) to Michelin and Dunlop. Have settled on IRC for kms/cost ratio. Willing to try a new one at the right price. I thought 2nd's were always defaced in some way (ie.lettering scraped off)so they couldn't be sold as quality new tyres out the back door of the factory. It is pretty awesome to to have a tyre come apart at speed on the dirt, but then I fall off a lot anyway.
  7. Hi All,
    I have put the Tires on my Bike today and they are a definite improvement on the IRC in feel and Handling. I seemed to get a Fair old lean on into the Corners on the Tar Road, Hard to say to much as my Bikes are Hardly anything you would want to test anything on!!! I am Off Road to Pai tomorrow for the Dirt Test if Justin gets his Submarine Bike sorted??? As they are still better than the IRC i have Orderer 10 more Sets to replace the Shit Tires my Bikes are fitted with New. The Scraped Label is done to Prevent them being sold as a New Tyre as someone stated. After a real close Inspection yesterday i did find an Air Bubble inside the Front one but still can't find anything on the Back one? Also I still can not find the Country of Manufacture Stamped anywhere on the Tyre?
    Carry on Gentleman, Time for a Beer!!!
    Cheers Ian.
  8. Harry,
    Do you manage to get your tyres in Korat or do you get them from Bangkok? If available in Korat can you drop me a line on where's the best place to buy or order.

  9. Kev,
    You must be in Korat or surrounding area. I get them from BKK , order a 6 pack at a time, about B1200 including delivery by truck last time. If you can speak Thai order from Yah Bike near the Royal Princess Hotel,(0815932569 not before 11AM) he charges B100 more and will fit it.I have some second hand ones still pretty good at home also.Can call me on 0817255600, going on a ride to Laos later this week if you are interested. What do you ride and where about are you?
  10. Harry,
    Thanks for the info, appreciated. I'm stuck in India just now working but should be back in Korat in June, I've got an xr650r also, we met one morning at Passinee around December last year, I was on an R1 and my mate on the xr. I had left the bike with my mate when I left for work on the promise of him fitting a new rear tyre but still nothing fitted, not available in Korat....I'll get in touch with Yah Bike when I get back to Korat and hopefully get one fitted. I'll try and hook up when I get over there for a run.
  11. Hi Kev,
    Now I get the connection, Steve asked me where to buy tyres , but he was trying to get a similar width to what you originally had as the IRC is a 110.(he said it seems narrower). I'm also heading off to work early June, could be gone 3 months.Keep in touch and we can go for a ride.
  12. I ran across a shop in Korat (probably the one you guys have mentioned in this thread) that stocks the MOTOZ tyres, as well as a range of ATV/quad tyres. They have a few good MX/offroad tyres, though nothing really in the dual sport range.

    I was looking at some 18" rear tyres for a 250cc Yamaha TTR and they were 700baht.

    Pretty good price I thought, the tyres didn't look like seconds to me and there was no evidence of writing scraped off. Having a good look through the MOTOZ ( website it looks like they are a decent tyre.
  13. Merkamouse,
    Where was the shop with the MOTOZ tyres?, I'm very interested. Please e-mail me or give a name/number/location for the shop.Appreciate any info, can call me 0817255600 anytime.
  14. Hi Harri, If you're heading east on the 224 (Korat, in town), the shop is about 150 metres before the left hand turnoff for the 205.

    They've got quite a heap of tyres out on the footpath so it's pretty hard to miss. Just got the rough co-ordinates from looking at the map on the computer, it's roughly (102d6m24.8s, 14d58m48.3s).

    They said they send tyres to other provences also but not sure about the method/price.

  15. Merkamouse,

    700B was not the price for the rear 18" Motoz I hope - just paid 1400B for a tractionator today up here in Chiang Mai......


  16. Hi Friends,

    Just for your information Dunlop Cross 21 front and 18 rear, made in Japan (important) for 4400 TBH (for the 2) at RED BARON, minus a member discount it makes 4000 TBH....and mounted on the wheels of my SUZUKI DRZ with all the legendary good care of RED BARON. Nearly the same price than in Europe but with the service on top.

    Hope it helps, again a good argument to go for Red Baron

    NB: I had to order it (takes 48 hours) as RB stocks more road tyres than cross ones.
  17. All the Bike Shops in Chiang Mai are selling them now it seems for 1400 Baht so you weren't ripped off Pikey. I Paid 1000 baht from Bangkok for the 12 i got but then had to get them trucked up here so cost about 1100 Baht in the end. I have had no problems at all with them but Barry BBQ brought one and had to take it back as it had a Huge Bulge on the Sidewall !!! So pay to check well before you use it.
    Cheers ian.
  18. G'day Pikey, yes it was. They said the regular price was 750 and said they'd do it for 700.
  19. Hi Merkamouse/Ian,

    Hmmm, tractionator prices - me 1400 and others walk in price in Chiang Mai, Ian 1000 bulk order plus transport, you (and potentially Hiko) 700B in Korat. There are a lot of dirt riders up here in Chiang Mai (including me now it's coming into the cool season!), would be a good idea to suss out your local shop for bulk orders if it is cheaper to bypass Bangkok - buy them in, take a reasonable cut and then post them here on demand..... Worth a thought?


  20. Hi Friends,

    The price you announce for cross bike Tyres are really amazingly cheap, I can't believe it ...
    What is the brand and what about the quality ? I am really interested as that's quite far from my 2 tyres Dunlop Japan for 4000 TBH !
  21. Hi Laurent, they are the MOTOZ brand

    Go to their website, they have quite a lot of info on it, including reviews from enduro riders. As for the quality I wouldn't know but if the website is accurate/legit then they look like a decent tyre.

    I ride trails around here (Korat(Nakorn Ratchasima)), and at the MX track in Khon Kaen, but I'm heading back to BKK on Friday morning and am unsure when I'll be back in Khorat. I am hoping to be back here in about 4-5 weeks but can't be sure.

    I'll try to get to the shop today and ask them about details for orders sent up to Chiang Mai.
  22. Ian/Pikey if you get a good rate for knobblies, I would be interested in a set for my Degree, could pick them up in CNX
  23. Hi Merkamouse and all,

    The ones in Korat are "seconds" the owner said "B" grade, he bought them as one lot, maybe someone is selling them out the back door in BKK. Trying one on the XR650, they are a heavy tyre (140/90 X 18") and not easy to fit.He has some 110/80 X 19", no 21", all seconds.The brand MotoZ on the tyres has been hit with a grinder defacing them slightly, some have deformaties on the beads.Would pay the asking price for a good quality new tyre(B1000), they seem quite hard compared to IRC etc.The shop wanted B100 to fit it, went up the road to a tyre place with a machine for B50. I will go to the shop again tomorrow and see if he can get "A" grade Motoz at a reasonable price.
  24. The MotoZ Tyres sell for $165 in Australia so about 4500 baht. On a light Bike with average Power there is nothing wrong with the IRC I found. Tropical John i would suggest just stick with the Tyres you have and Drop the Pressure down to 15 psi when Off Road. Most of the riding you do is on Road and your Next adventure up here it will be Dry Season. I have no problem with Dual Purpose Tyres in the Dry just ride to your ability and i can always give you a Push if you need it Mate!!! Save the Money for Hotels and Drinks!!!
    Cheers Ian.

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