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Discussion in 'Technical' started by ozzyboy, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Wondering if anybody has recently bought a motocross tyre, I am trying to find one to fit my Yamaha, have checked thru this site but can only find thai made tyres. I really want a Dunlop or similar.
    Red Baron, I used last year, but now they are having problems, and Motorzone can't help.
    Anywhere in Chiang Mai??
  2. Hi Ozzyboy,

    A mate recently got a pair of IRC knobblies from Chiang Mai Motocross which is on the N.E corner of the moat. Alternatively, Joe's Bike Team/Goodwill Motorcycles may be able to order your preference from BKK. The shop is Soi 2 Chang Moi rd - east side of the moat, on the outside, bang a left at Mike's Burgers and it's in the 3rd soi on the right.


  3. Hi Pikey,

    Thanx for the info, but I live in Prachinburi now, just thought that C.M. would be the other big place that might have what I want.
    I'll give them a ring.
  4. Paddock in BKK supply Metzler Karoos - tho they are not great on Thai blacktop. Good off-road. Metzler may have another design which Paddock can supply.
  5. There is a specialist Moto-cross shop in BKK, with tyres and stuff. < > they have dealers but i don't read Thai
  6. Thanks guys, I have now found a tyre thru Mr Tee, Tirapong Bikes for 2400B including delivery, I was after a Dunlop and they have them.

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