MotoGP Malaysia Oct 19-21

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  1. tropicaljohno

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    A few guys have said they might be interested in going to the MotoGP in Malaysia.
    Obviously its the closest one to visit if living in S.E.Asia, and it would be good to get a crowd of us down there, and perhaps some of the Malaysian contingent might be able to turn up.

    The circuit uses the Area B as the campsite, I have been the last 3 years, and the most tents there have been 4, so doesn't get too crowded there.

    As you can see from the photo's below, you can actually lie in your tent, and watch the bikes go past.

    2007 prices are as follows.

    3 days camp site, and parking is 20RM (which is about 200Baht)
    3 days Central Area, this includes all the grandstands on both the 2 main straights 80RM (800baht)
    Pit Walkabout Saturday 12.20 to 12.55 50RM (500Baht)

    If you want to do the Pit Walkabout you must have already bought a Central Area ticket.

    Friday is actually free for everyone, everywhere, so you can try out all the stands, and work out which one to pay for on Sat/Sun.

    Sometimes on the Friday you can sneak into the pits, but can't bank on it.

    So how about we get a team together, and rig up a banner etc down there.

    All these shots were taken with my el cheapo digital camera. With a decent set of binoculars
    You can see right in the pits, I was enjoying watching them change brake rotors over, and you can easily see the mechanics working on the bikes.




    You can see the airport buildings in the distance, thats how close you are to the airport.
    The big white shed on right is the toilet block for campsite (only 4 tents there, the last 2 years)
    You can make out our tents, between the two Polini signs

    Sitting in the grandstand facing the back straight


    Teams packing their bikes up, ready to be flown out.

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  3. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    Here are the photo's from the camp site, taken my last 3 visits there.

    You can pitch your tent up on the hill

    And don't even have to get out of bed to watch the bikes go past
    If you look hard you can see bikes going round


    The white shed is the toilet block

    We had numerours conversations with the marshalls....

    camp site three quarters full (only 4 tents in total)

    Doing it tough......

    If you moved your tent any closer to the track, they would be waving the yellow flag.

    View from the tent.
  4. Craypot

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    I'm keen, will have some work issues to deal with but now the cash drain, i mean the holiday house, is finished I can probably afford an Air Asia 1Baht ticket.
  5. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer


    The camp site is the whole of Turn 14


    The camp site is all of section B (shaded brown), so you have the option of
    pitching your tent well away from the "others" if you want to.
  6. Joko

    Joko Ol'Timer

    i am more than happy to be the unofficial offical GTr tourist guide in KL for u guys [:)]

    Camping, unfortunately, isnt very popular in Malaysia simply because the midday heat around the track can literally fry a tray of eggs, all sunny side up[xx(] calls for very seasoned & tanned fans to be able to tackle the heat[:D]...but this is the best & possibly the most cheapest alternative to watch Rossi in action...

    PM me if u need local assistance.

  7. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer


    The idea is to watch the racing during the day, not lie in your tent, i said that just as a joke.

    Have camped there 3 years now, and as long as you are up out of bed/tent by 10am heat no problem

    I agree with you re the heat, but by the time it gets hot, am sitting in the grandstands
  8. Joko

    Joko Ol'Timer

    Yes TJ...marshal waving yellow flags indeed! the blurry me didnt define all too well.

    Glad to know that you stayed outta the midday sun...when a bunch of my riding buddies from singpaore came for the motoGP, a few yrs back, they bought tix for the then uncovered open-seats on turn 1 (now called k1 Grandstand)...2 ladies fainted under the midday sun and the rest scuttered away looking for shades...

    Anyway, am glad u enjoyed yr motoGP & camping. Hope 2 c u this yr.
  9. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    Hi Joko

    Wondered if you could do us a favour as our Malaysian represetative.
    Have quite a few guys up in Chiang Mai interested in perhaps coming to Sepang, but they do not have any tents.

    On some of my visits to the circuit/camping ground I have noticed a van turning up, and erecting a load of tents, all the same.

    one year there was the Yamaha RZ Club, sleeping in these tents, and another year the Vespa Club of K.L./Malaysia.

    I have emailed the Sepang circuit a couple of times (see email below), but they dont know the name of the company that comes and erects the tents.

    I wondered if you could perhaps check the K.L. Yellow Pages, or even if you could contact the RZ/Vespa clubs in K.L.

    Many thanks (in anticapation...)

    Dear Sir,

    For the time being we are not able to provide the information as we also
    have no information about the camping. I will email to you once i have
    confirm about that.
    Should you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me for
    further clarifications. Have a great day to you. :)

    Thank you.

    Best regards
    Muna - Ticketing Department :)
    Sepang International Circuit Sdn Bhd
    Jalan Pekeliling, 64000 KLIA, Selangor
    DL - 603-8778 2225
    GL - 603-8778 2300
    T/Hotline - 603-8778 2222
    Fax- 603-8783 1000
    Website :
    Email : [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  10. Joko

    Joko Ol'Timer

    Yup, I have emailed u my reply.

    No issue. How many tents? I will also see if GT-riders can 'hitch a ride' with the Vespa Club or any bike club setting up tents there (i.e. getting their same contractor)

    We can forget tagging with the Yam RXZ club as it is the official Yam club (100% sponsored by Yam) and they dont share nutz with any other brand.

  11. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    Have sent a couple of emails to the Sepang circuit asking about tent hire, but they said unable to help us, so Joko is making enquires in K.L. I noticed Carrefour selling 3 man tents for 999 baht.

    Before (I think), the MotoGP is a bike show in K.L. see below for details.

    I have checked out the bike show web site but can't find any dates, but the Harley dealer on Phuket, is organising a ride to K.L. to take in both the bike show and GP, so both must be on around the same time.

    Perhaps someone can have a go searching he WWW to find dates of the show. (Perhaps another job for Joko........)

    In conjuction with 'Visit Malaysia 2007' campaign and celebration its Golden Jubilee, Malaysia is proud to host the Asian International Motorcycle Expo 2007 or AIME '07. Join in the agenda and the nation's mega celebration filled with shopping fairs.

    Looks like Bike Expo is on at the KLCC (Petronas Twin Towers - KL), around the same time as the MotoGP.

    Dates for bike expo... Oct 18-21
  12. Joko

    Joko Ol'Timer

    TJ, I am still awaiting news from my trawlings :) No worries yet, the info will come...

    This week (june 19-27), Carrefour in msia, is selling a 6-men tent (single ply) for only rm59.90 (baht580+/-)

    Its also a good idea to come a day or 2 earlier to go for the bike expo.
    If camping is not an option, decent Rm80-100/nite hotel in Subang Jaya (40km to Sepang, motoGP venue and 20km to Twin Tower/Bike expo)come with secured bike park. Shoplot hotels are cheaper but the bikes are usually left outside by the streets.

    I will keep u informed on updates.
  13. gus

    gus Active Member

    just for everyone's info, i just booked my flight on airasia for sepang. depart early morning friday the 19th, return sunday eve. 5083 baht return. any good tips on a hotel would be appreciated.
  14. JohhnyE

    JohhnyE Ol'Timer

    For camping how far is the track from the airport?
    Could I take a taxi?
    Gus - you in Thailand with 01 FZ1? I have the same bike in Chiang Mai.
    Thinking about going by Air Asia as well.
  15. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    JohhnyE if you check my foto's above, the one showing the Polini bridge, you can see the airport in the background.

    Can't get much closer than that.
  16. gus

    gus Active Member

    Hey Johnny- yep, I'm in Hua Hin. I've got a black '01. I just put a Leo Vince carbon can on it, black chrome Sportech windscreen. I'll post a pic as soon as I get my laptop sorted out.
    I went to the race by AirAsia last year. I thought they were pretty good for a short flight. They were on time going and returning. The price I got for booking early this week is 2,000 baht cheaper than last year! The early morning flight gets you in in plenty of time to see the afternoon trials, and the race ends just in time to take either evening flight back.
    I have no idea of the camping situation, last year I stayed a hotel called the DePalma Inn in Sepang- won't stay there again. The train between KL and track/airport is great- takes about 45 minutes, so KL hotel might not be a bad choice.
  17. JohhnyE

    JohhnyE Ol'Timer

    Gus - do you know any hotels in KL close to the train station that goes to Sepang?
  18. gus

    gus Active Member

    Other than looking on the 'net I don't know of any. Last year we got burned picking a hotel that way. I learned that the pictures on a website can have no relation to what the hotel/rooms are actually like. Paid 2,000 baht a night for a place in the middle of nowhere with a bad restaurant, old, small, musty rooms with single beds and no cable tv. And we ended up having to take taxis to the track because their van didnt seem to be around. It was the only downside to the trip. I'm starting to ask around now for suggestions...
  19. Joko

    Joko Ol'Timer

    Ok guys, The good news is that I have some news...Now i have Worst news, bad news and not so good news.

    Worst news: The bloody fools in the marketing dept of Sepang F1 track didnt border to reply to my enquiries...despite me knowing the Press Liason Officer himself! In fcat, I also know Muna herself but of course, after 5years off the racing circle, nobody knows me anymore![B)] So guys, we are on our own here...

    Bad news: The parties that TJ saw last year camping out at the perimeter of the track arranged their own camping gears. Yamaha club outing was sponsored by the HongLeongYam distributor. The Vespa club is a volunteering club so the members brought their own tents to camp out.

    The option available for those seeking to camp out is therefore: Buy/bring your own tent...TJ is the expert here[:D]
    But I can also help out if you need to buy a tent. I believe Carrefour or Tesco sell a 2men tent for under Baht500 or less during the occasional promotion. Sorry, I cant help to set it up...not much of a DIYman myself.[:I]

    Not so good news: Sepang Track is NOT anywhere near (like walking distance away) a hotel. The nearest hotel is like min. 5km away e.g. depalma( as suffered by gus[xx(]. There is also another hotel called THe Empress in Sepang and it is a 3star...I think they will also sell their rom at min Baht2000 per nite (taking advantage of the motoGP), as many crew stay in this hotel. There are also some 5stars hotel at the main airport (KLIA) itself. I am not sure if they provide a shuttle service between track and hotel. I will try to get the hotel contact/email/www and post here asap.

    Hotel in KL could be an option. You can take the airport shuttle (KL (KL Sentral station) to KLIA (1way Bus Baht90 or Train Baht350) and then take the KLIA shuttle Bus to Sepang (not sure now much it'd cost or frequency of travel).

    There are hotel below the Sentral Station (5* Hilton & Meridien in excess of Baht5000 per nite) or across the road, you have the YMCA for under Baht1000/nite or even the shoplot hotel (zero *) for less[:p]

    Pen a budget for a stay and I shall try to source from the yellow pages...

  20. HIKO

    HIKO Ol'Timer


    I will go to the MotoGP but traveling by motorbike from Pattaya so If somebody else want to join let me know. I will not camp in a 999 Baht tent waking up in the morning to the sound of two strokers training session in a tent with a temperature of 60C in the sun with a little headache from last nights drinking. Actually the last time I camped was ten years ago in Sturgis and then I decided that from now on I can afford hotel accomodation.

    Some hints and warnings when you go to the races.

    Chose a hotel in town close to the monorail. In that way you can easily get to the area where all the party life is in the evenings (back home you have to walk or take a taxi because the Monorail closes quite early) and you can get easily to the KLIA center to catch the train to the Airport /Circuit if you don't have a bike.

    Going by motorbike from City is very easy and the good thing is that the motorbike parking is just at the entrance of the circuit so you don't have to walk in the heat. The parking seems quite safe, last year I left my luggage on the bike without problem.

    There is no problem to find a hotel in KL during the MotoGP weekend (not the same as F1 weekends!!!) and the prices are not "MotoGp inflated".

    I would not recomend the hotels around the circuit or in the nearby vilages as Sepang if you want to have some action in the evenings. There is nothing to do and you can even have a problem to find a restaurant serving beer (only Indian and Chinese run establishmment can do that)

    One warning about the KLIA train. They do sell a special three day ticket together with the circuit providing the train service and a shuttlebus service from the airport. The only problem is that for the MotoGP there is no shuttle service. Last year I waited for one hour at the airport together with 50 other race fans for the shuttle bus to show up in vain. At last some locals told us that there is no shuttle bus for the motoGP, only for the F1 so you must walk some 200 meter away to a local busstation and catch a local bus. After one hour more a very old and very dirty Leyland bus showed up and the bus was quickly filled up with passengers and the busdriver went for lunch.... leaving us sitting in the bus without fans or aircond. When he finally showed up again he collected the fare from everybody and he did"t honour the KLIA/Circuit issued shuttle bus ticket. There was some upset racing fans in the bus by now and we already had missed the 125 cc training session. The driver probably felt the preassure so he raced away from the airport causing one passenger falling down from his chair in the first corner...After that he did not go to the circuit direct but instead to Sepang village to fill up his tank and pick up his girlfriend. The shuttle service took 45 minutes (and the race track is visible from the airport) and he dropped us off on the mainroad about a 10 minutes walk in the heat to the circuit. Fantastic service!!!!!

    In the evening after taking a cab back home and consuming a few large Carlsbergs I sent one E-mail, a 3 pages long fax and three SMS message to Sepang International Circuit demanding the money back for the transport ticket but they did not even bother to reply.....

    Another bad behaviour by the circuit I experienced during the last F1 race when buying tickets and there was quite big ques. People who had booked in advance and paid the ticket couldn't find their ticket and everything was Chaos in the ticket box. Then when it was my turn I told what tickets I want and gave my credit/debit card when they had the tickets ready. Then they dissappeared with my credit card which I did't like but came back asking for my card's personal code....I told them no way I will give you my secret code to you so they took me inside and let me enter the code whith 4 guys standing behind my neck trying to figure out what code I wrote. Incredibble performance and they have arranged the races already for almost ten years. Just to be sure I cancelled my card the same day.

    Otherwise I like the races at Sepang both the F1 and the MotoGP and the nightlife in KL can be quite nice when you find the places. Remember also that from Sepang it is only a few hours drive to Singapore, you can almost do it before dark after the races or make a stop in some nice place like Malacka.

    Hotels I don't want to recomend, mostly I only know hotels which you should avoid and I don't either like to recomend from which stand it is the best to see the races because everybody has their own opinion.

    See You in Sepang

  21. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    Be good if everyone going to Sepang could say wear a GT-Rider shirt, or some other distinguishing piece of clothing so we can recognise each other, as those coming from Thailand probably wont have the phones working.

    What about a pink carnation behind the right ear......
  22. HIKO

    HIKO Ol'Timer

    HI TJ

    My telephone is working I have a post paid line and a Serenade Platinum card which gives me free drinks at some places. Probably a relic from the Thaksin government. Anyhow I will order a Shirt from David but I will not accept any pink carnations behind my ears!!!!

  23. gus

    gus Active Member

    Same here- the shirt is a great idea. Carnation? Pink?
  24. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Your shirt is on the way EMS.

    Yours were sent yesterday.

    Anyone else need a GT Rider polo shirt, please ask, EMS post free in Thailand.
  25. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    Hi David

    Collected mine yesterday from Ian Bungy, many thanks for that, have now thrown away my pink carnation, so Hiko can rest easy.

    New stickers look good.
  26. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    Have a guy Peter from Chiang Mai, looking for anyone to ride CNX-BKK-Sepang with.

    Can send more details later

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