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  1. The North Thai Tea Drinking Society will have a meeting of their local PoohBahs to discuss plans for a Guinness World Record to jump a motorcycle over the Mekong River. The meeting will be at 7:00 PM at the Kafe in Chiang Mai September 13. A press release will follow describing the sources of needed funding ($6,000,000 USD), date of the event, make/model of motorcycle, sponsors and endorsements secured.
    End Transmission 09/09/05

    Globe Rider Greg
  2. Robert Hiekel has been named High Thai Water Guru for Mekong River Guinness World Recond Motorcycle Jump. Based upon his deep exprience with motorcycles (and riding gear) repeatedly being submerged in the Ping River and having mastered the treacherous Mekong currents, updrafts, and drafts swilling around, this individual was appointed to consult on the project. He also brings to the project much history gained from his expeience with BMW motorcycles, often not running or running poorly, and an indepth and personal experience of being U-boated by a German representive.
  3. $3 Mill, what's that, $50 for the BMW and $2,999,950 appearance fee? I'm sure you can get a BMW cheaper than that?

    "growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional!"
  4. Nov. 25, 2005
    Chiang Mai, Kafe Restuarant
    N. Thai Tea Drinkers Meet
    Beemer Boy on High Water in workshop area
    High Thai Rider on Chavis Regal, GPS'ing Jump
    GT-Rider on choice of Honda over BMW
    Funding report
    Guinness status
    The group of 12 avid motorheads and supporters listened to various reports with all founding members of the North Thai Tea Drinking Society present. Of particular concern and lengthy discussion was which model motorcycle is the best, status of the three-times flooded workshop, possible GPS'ing of tracks to jump/landing sites, choice of rider, and media reports. The project Water Consultant, Khun Beemer Boy, reported that the water had receded from the project workshop area after flooding had risen high enough to cover completely the one Norton and reaching seat levels on the KTM's and Africa Twins. Fund raising was celebrated when the High Thai Rider broke out a fresh bottle of Chavis Regal in the Executive Session.
    At the head of the conference table, the GT Rider proclaimed that a suggestion of Mel Gibson staring in a movie deal was "interesting" but psychotic. Kuhn David expressed sincere doubts that the road tale rumors were based on facts that Gibson would consider. High Thai Rider andHonda guru Duval discussed at length GPS'ing possible landing points in his planned expedition to Cambodia in the next month.
    The Guinness Record response has yet to be receieved and it was noted how little space was set aside in the latest Guinness Record Book to motorcycling feats outside of racing.
    The next project meeting is targeted for late December with possible dates expected to slip due to travel schedules and year-end holidays.
  5. More startling evidence has been unearthed about the seriousness of Beemer Boys attempt to jump the mighty Mekong River.
    My connection in Laos, a ex Pathat Laos General who is known as Zum Tym Dim, Sent me these photos of an unknown farang jumping over the remains of a bombed out bridge near Saravan, central Laos.
    Could this be Beemer Boy? The making of a Legend?
    The photographs were taken with an old Kodak Browny camera, that the good General swapped his youngest daughter for to an American soldier who is now rumoured to live in Chiang Mai, Thailand.



    "I used to spend most of my money on women and booze, now I squander it." George Best 1943-2005 RIP
  6. Beemer Boy that could well be the pilot seen on the photos submitted by Tom. Beemer Boy did a "trial run" a couple weeks ago with the High Thai Rider. When Duval asked Beemer Boy, "Do you want to take the hard ride today or the interesting one?" Beemer Boy answered, "The interesting one."
    As Beemer Boy limped into Chaing Mai that evening he'd learned what "interesting" meant and would opt for the hard option in the future. It was suggested that unclear thinking that morning clouded by a pre-ride/evening before massive intake of chilled swill and a twirling bar ying may have contributed to his befuddled thinking.
    Beemer Boy's KTM is up to the task of trying to clear the Mekong, having been submerged in the Ping River twice this year, and Beemer Boy did swim the Mekong last year. Maybe with another ying twirl and some more Chavis Regal we can get him to be the pilot on his Adventure.
    "Promoting bikes, booze and bimbos"... was seen written on the wall of the WC at the Kafe...after the North Thai Tea Drinking Society's logo,'babes' having been stricken out and replaced by 'bimbos.'"
  7. Mekong River Jump

    The North Thai Tea Drinking Society met to hear progress made towards securing a site, licensing, film options, and sponsor(s) approval.
    Before the agenda could proceed to New Business a member asked for time to address a most serious matter…tea drinking. The Society was advised that one of the Poobahs was observed drinking tea while experiencing a bout of the Unkov Flu (a Aussie-Thai strain of SARS and bird flu coupled with a cold, unique to certain locations in the Golden Triangle and easily transmitted from human to human, generally bringing the bearer down by coughing up yellow phlem, aching joints, high temperatures, uncontrolled body/bowel spasms and severe head aches). Because of a possible conflict of interest, the sensitive nature of infection and political skirting of issues in order to insure the safety of those in attendance, the Society went into Executive Session.
    After the General Meeting of the Society was resumed it was announced that the High Thai Rider would no longer be recognized by that name. Khun Don would henceforth be known as The “Temple Hunter.”


    Left to right: The “Temple Hunter,” The “Sun Chaser,” and The “GT Rider.” Temple Hunter had lowered his head in observance of the admonishment of one of the Society members for having consumed tea in a public place.
    The Water Consultant, Beemer Boy, was to put forth a report but deferred until he could address the matter of his unhappiness with his being identified in reports as “Beemer Boy.” He stated that his udder disgust with Bavarian-Thai product, quality and service had required him to visit a card reader to balance his KTM learnings. After considerable debate, Beemer Boy was granted the recognizable and limited use of The “KTM Boy.”


    KTM Boy celebrates his libation from Bavarian associations, albeit limited.

    The Finance Report was next. It was a short report, limited to counting single baht. Before the counting could be finished and the report was done the matter of shade was brought up.
    It was recognized that if the Mekong River Guinness Record Jump would be made when the river was low, it would be during the hot season. Shade for the rider/pilot and officials became a heated topic. Sun Chaser suggested “Umbrella Girls,” like those at the GP races. Temple Hunter was adamant in his position that bimbos be granted credentials. The issue was resolved:


    Nice ladies. They are special to the Mekong River Motorcycle Guinness Record Jump.


    Ask them if they are having fun….


    Potential Site #1


    Potential Site # 2


    Potential Site #3

    The meeting was closed. Old Business on the next agenda will be:

    Honda Goldwing airbag vs. BMW GS airbag
    $3,000,000 USD vs $6,000,000 USD (Amigo Bridge)
    Trajectory vs speed
    Visa for pilot-M 150?
    Color of boots/umbrellas/ dresses
    Helmet y/n?
    NY ad agency proposal
    Boot sponsor(s)
  8. As a (hopefully) potential member of the North Thai Tea Drinking Society, might I humbly suggest that in future, the aforementioned "Umbrella Girls" be correctly referred to as "Brollie Dollies" and that thought be given to enticing "KTM Boy" to investigate the use of NOS* to ensure the necessary takeoff speed for said jump?

    * commonly known as "laughing gas" and that is a certainty what will happen should this born-in-the-bottom-of-a-bottle caper ever reach fruition.

    BTW, you owe me 10,000,000THB for the unauthorised use of my wife's image in above photo as she is copyrighted......

    Keep laughing, riding & smiling,

  9. Assuming there will be a second to the motion of my appointment,to the elevated position of 'Char chownar'to the 'North Thai Tea Drinking Society', I would also like to add to the aforementioned suggestion. I feel it is imperative that in order for the motorcycle to 'jump' the said river it is necessary for one to inflate the tyres with helium. To avoid unnecessary inconvenience and an ill advised inverted landing,'The Society' will need to be in possession of the correct psi per tyre.As I am sure you will understand the invaluable contributions of Pikey and myself merit inclusion in the 'North Thai Tea Drinking Society'.As such,I am unable to pass on the correct data and technical expertise until such an inclusion. Anticipating a hasty response

    If you can't jump it, splash it!

  10. Mekong River Jump

    Impromptu interviews and try outs have begun to find qualified “Umbrella Girls” for submission to the North Thai Tea drinking Society.


    “Silverhawk” began by giving instructions on the required smiles;

    pose. pose2.

    While “Temple Hunter” was more than willing to pass on his advice for “striking the proper presentation pose” (not to be confused with another string currently running on this board in regard to “posing or riding”.

    excitement. injury.

    Meanwhile, “Sun Chaser” was attempting to “cover” his obvious excitement in this interview process when he received injuries of an undisclosed nature.

    interviewees. gtrider.

    At this point two of the interviewees had to be rescheduled and will be given a later perusal by the “GT-Rider” himself who is said to have considerable expertise in conducting such interviews.


    It was decided that further interviews would be conducted under the supervision of at least one “total tea drinker” so that possible blurred visions could not result in a very bad decision.

    Also the legality of a suggested amendment to the charter banning the use of photographic equipment at North Thai Tea Drinking Society functions is currently under review by our attorneys.

    P.S. - Julian, as many of the above interviewed also have considerable expertise in "over and under inflation" your approval may not be assured [;)]

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  11. Dear esteemed North Thai Tea Drinking Society member, after perusing the above photographs' I observe that my inclusion in 'The Society' is now more imperative than ever! One can't help but notice the over indulgence of a cup of tea too many and the resulting misappropriation of members funds, not to mention their well being!
    I have, on occassion, been known to be a little cynical, but one can't help but as to wonder about 'the ladies?' I fear without my immediate inclusion 'The Society' could suffer irreversible effects, resulting in the Mekhong 'jump' becoming a non event. I trust that knowing of my calm, responsible and resolute personality you will swiftly come to a positive decision on my behalf.
    An aspiring North Thai Tea Drinking Member.

  12. Julian,

    You really think there may be a problem with the ladies??? You are very astute indeed and your experienced in such matters, in a purely academic manner, is obvious.

    You do have my vote when this matter is brought to the attention of "The Society".

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  13. "Mom & Dad:
    If you came across this site, that guy pictured with the katoys is not your son. No, no way, never! In fact, he has never so much as cast a sidelong glance at a katoy. Those other guys, they drugged him into submitting for posed photographs, then used him in their soi dog ways.
    I looked up who these reprobate humanoid bikers are:
    'Slithering between watering holes, the three founding members of the North Thai Tea Drinking Society have been pouring out gratis information on riding in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma to unsuspecting travelers. Known as Tea Drinkers, the society founding members drink not much tea. Based in Chiang Mai for varying intervals, these reputable and seldom nebbish motorcycle adventurers are known to haunt the Bier Stube, Kafe and other pitstops in between. Both locations are within crawling distance of each other and Chiang Mai’s Thapae Gate.
    The society, according to its Constitution, is dedicated to the promotion of “The Three Eagle B’s: bikes, booze and b’s number three and four.” Members share a secret handshake, constantly changing passwords, and monikers like “The High Thai Rider” (Don Duval), “The GT Rider” (David Unkovich), and “Sun Chaser.” The password for the month of February 2003, was “Glen Turner,” until a sealed, watered down bottle was mistakenly consumed on the banks of the Mekong in Laung Pra Bang. The password was immediately changed to “JB Scotch chased by Beer Lao.”
    All three founding members were deep into Laos during February, jungle running and reconnoitering for map work, a new book and ways to sneak into Vietnam with a large motorcycle. If you are looking for unpublished flakes of insider’s tips to riding in their part of Asia, hunt one of the Tea Drinkers down from High Tea to closing time any day of the week. There is no charge for their information and associate membership in the North Thailand Tea Drinking Society can be acquired through bribes from dedicated swillers. (March 3, '03).'
    Mom/Dad, as the great marble speaker and Gov. of California would say, 'It ain't me..' pictured (riding my Harley, wearing a beanie helmet, without a motorcycle endorsement on my driving license).
    Or maybe that was Bob Dylan.... 'oh no, it ain't me babe.'"
    Globe Rider Greg
  14. Globe rider, casting disperssions upon your fellow members of 'The Society' is just not cricket. I myself aspire to be one of 'The Society' and I cannot help but feel agrieved that someone in your position has felt it necessary to 'pass the buck!'. It is obvious from your previous entries (above) that you were a willing partner to 'The Society's' tea drinking activities and boisterous behaviour. Now in the cold light of day you feel it necessary to defend your actions!This is the most heinous of crimes, but you then continue to broadcast meeting places and passwords! Globe Rider, be a 'North Thai Tea Drinker' and accept your humiliation like a man, not a Kitoy!
    I would like to add, at this point, that I find the claim that 'The Society' would contemplate any form of bribe as perposterous! You are in Thailand! How could you possibly make such an allegation!

    I look forward to making your aquaintance.

    If you are unsure as to the gender, take it as gospel,it's a bender!

  15. Ok, I accept my miserable failings and admit it was me, the Devil having made me do it. I just didn't want my family to see how easily I was soi-dogged.
    Update: A BMW friend just dropped a wad on what he was told was the first and only BMW HP2 in Thailand. Now it appears there may be one other and possibly a second already here. He might "volunteeer" his HP2 for the project....and even help strapping on the BMW sales person/importer who sold him the bike. BMW in KTM out?
  16. Miserable failings aside you have repented as a member of 'The Society'.I (as an aspiring member)am most amenable to the idea of 'strapping on' the BMW sales person who supplied your friend with his HP2, but we would have to question the said chaps commitment. I fear he would be an unwilling candidate for 'The Jump'. Etiquette dictates 'The Society' should give first refusal to an official member of 'The North Thai Tea Drinkers Society'. I suggest persons be put forward on the basis of their own merits and/or experience (ie insane,suicidal,psychotic etc.). As an aspiring member I am not familiar with every member of 'The Society'. So may I cordially invite active members to put into writing their own thoughts on the subject? I would also like to suggest that should 'The Society' fail in it's attempt to enter the Guiness Book of Records, we should consider The Darwin Awards as an alternative?

    Guiness or Darwin, either way you are a man my son!

    Contact: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    The Official Application for a world record attempt has been requested and sent to the Guinness World Records application center by the North Thai Tea Drinking Society. Due to the volume of applications received it may be several weeks before the Society receives a "Yes” or “No” from the Guinness Records. Each year over some 50,000 + or – applications are received, ranging from applicants wanting a record for eating the most worms to who can shove the most nails up their nose.
    The North Thai Tea Drinking Society waived the “Fast Track” application process which required a nearly $400.00 USD fee, noting the funds could better be used to promote the purposes of the Society. They also waived the option to pay for an official from Guinness to be present to observe the Mekong River Jump, noting that a bottle of Guinness would fill that position.


    Noted at the last two planning committee meetings was the above brand of whisky. When observers opined that not only was it cheap, but also not in keeping with the Mekong River Jump theme, committee members agreed to use Mekong Whisky at future subsidiary meetings.

    Formal notices were sent to Lao and Cambodia National Mekong Committees notifying them of the Mekong River Guinness Record Motorcycle Jump Project. Each governmental committee was offered an opportunity to participate.

    In late January the North Thai Tea Drinkers began in depth research for take-off and landing sites in Lao and Cambodia. GT Rider crossed the Mekong River into Lao while Temple Hunter and Sun Chaser scoured the green and urban jungles Cambodia. Their searches included scouting, sampling, GPSing, recruiting and human resource solicitations.
    Tragedy struck in several instances. One member was liberated of his wallet that had in it his cash and credit cards (not his passport). Another member came down with the Cambodian Crud, (a mutated strain of the Unko Flu) upon his return and had to enter a libation-free program that included Cipro, Amoxycillin, Aspirin, Actifed, Strepsils, and massive intakes of purified water.
    Assisting in the Cambodian research was the project Water Consultant (KTM Boy) who learned a valuable lesson in Phnom Penh: In Cambodia hospitals are where you go to die. Declining the offer of free medical services by Sun Chaser to lance a cyst with his deadly sharp Leatherman knife, KTM Boy ended up having needles stuck in his face by a local Cambodian physician after being told entering a hospital was for those “at the end of their road.” While Sun Chaser offered to operate on the bar at Sharky’s, using volunteer yings and well-swilled farangs to hold down KTM Boy’s head, arms and legs and Mekong Whisky for an anesthetic, the local quack opted for out-patient surgery in his office. After “pain deadening shots” of something injected by needle into his face, several attempts were made by the doctor to gouge out the growing cyst. KTM Boy, who has a high threshold for pain, yelled, “Stop!! Stop!!! Stop!!!” He packed his motorcycle and fled to Thailand where surgery was performed.


    Above is a photo of KTM Boy before the cyst had swollen to a point where a local said to him, “You not look so OK.” As the cyst rapidly grew Sun Chaser noted, “If you can find me a nine iron and will lay down with your chin pointed right and upward, I can show you how Tiger Woods deals with golf balls buried in the rough.”

    One possible landing site for the Mekong River Jump researched was the spit across the river from the California 2 hotel. While the Mekong River is wider here than further north in Lao, the current can be gentler and the spit is sand instead of jungle or rocks.


    In spite of careful planning there is a possibility the jump may come up short and the rider land in the water, pictured above from the sand spit. An urban jungle expert on Phnom Penh recommended the Sophie Club as a possible recruitment site for trainers/teachers in snorkel breathing.

    “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” is an old saying. Whereas one wannabe American motorcycle rider saw a songtaew in Chiang Saen and mentioned it slightly as a taxi in his scribbles in the Bangkok Post, a Tea Drinker saw it as an answer to the question, “Which bike is the best for a Guinness Record attempt?”


    Pictured above is a songtaew. While some are seen around other parts of Thailand, there seems to be a proliferation of them in the northeast Thailand towns of Chiang Sean and Chiang Khong. Modified from a motorcycle, there appears to be enough room on the back to strap on a jet engine. If Jay Leno can ride/sit atop a jet engine on two wheels, the pilot attempting to jump ramp-to-ramp across the Mekong River need only hold on to the bars and pray the back rest will hold to keep from being sucked into the intake turbines.


    One of the reasons Guinness turns down record attempt applications is because they may deem the effort as “too dangerous.” While there is not much danger in riding a motorcycle across Egypt, or eating a number of raw eggs in a minute, the desk people at Guinness may see the Mekong River Motorcycle Jump as too dangerous. The North Thai Tea Drinking Society members feel the danger in this project will be reduced by their continued in depth research, careful planning and heightened security measures. One member was quoted as saying, “It’s more dangerous to walk through Kathoy Row on Suck-On-It Road in Bangkok than jumping this little stretch of water. Not one of us are strangers to danger, even when maow mak mak and never have asked a lady boy, Tao lai?”


    The photo above shows another option for the jet-engine mounting system. Notice the blue plastic container below the handlebars. It is filled with water (Mekong?) and has an IV drip tube running from it to just above the cooling fins on the engine. During times when the engine is running hot the driver can adjust the flow of the drip onto the engine to cool it down. Now we know where some of the used medical supplies go after the hospital throws them out. A word of wisdom for the newbie Cambodian tourist: DO NOT DRINK OR WASH YOUR FEET/HANDS WITH THIS WATER, nw matter how thirsty or “maow” you are.

    Fundraising and major sponsorship continues to be a major chore as the Tea Drinker’s coffers and supplies keep getting tapped. GT Rider and several other hardened motorcyclists plan a ride/reconnaissance float down the Mekong River from Chiang Khlong in February. The Bill Gate’s Foundation may be approached for the full funding request (now at $6,000,000. USD) to build the ramps that can, after the Record Jump, be connected as a “Friendship Bridge” to better carry technology (and the goals of the North Thai Tea Drinking Society) from Thailand to Lao or Cambodia. Meanwhile supporters are encouraged to make contributions to the North Thai Tea Drinkers on a one-to-one, motorcycle rider-to-motorcycle rider, basis.

    Written By/and Posted for Globe Rider Greg

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  18. News Brief - February 17, 2006
    Architect Interviewed, More Site Inspections, Website Site
    No slackers, the North Thai Tea Drinkers.
    GT-Rider and the KTM Boy (designated Water Consultant) accompanied a professional journalist and photographer on a Mekong River site inspection cruise recently. Joining the team of the rapidly expanding Mekong River Jump was a new consultant, Khun "Barry BBQ" from Bangkok.
    Before joining the hard riding Tea Drinkers in Chiang Khong, Barry BBQ demonstrated the capability of a R1200 GS to cook one of the famed BMW stock top boxes as well as a left side pannier. The BMW’s top box came detached from the rear mounting rack, while the motorcycle was in forward motion, at speed, a not uncommon occurrence for BMW GS top boxes.
    Barry BBQ was familiar with this well known and expensive habit for BMWs, having had an earlier top box detach and destroy itself (Beemer Tip #M-1666: carying nothing valuable in a BMW top box, like computer, credit cards, cameras, swill or lady friends). Barry BBQ had secured the replacement top box to the rear luggage rack with a Rok Strap. When the replacement top box worked loose it stayed with the motorcycle, dangling in front of the muffler. This caused the top box to suffer severe loss of water proofing as a hole the size of a foot high stack of Bavarian Bibles was burned through the plastic. To add Bavarian blasphemy to the horror of the Hellish event, the deflected heat from the dangling top box also caused a large hole to be burned into the top rear of the left side pannier. Two additional major losses caused by the devilish Bavarian-top-box-mounting-system-failure were the melting of Barry BBQ’s traveling underwear and the frying of the expensive turkey jerky he carried for emergency food.
    One Tea Drinker opined of the loss of “unterhosen” and jerked turk, “Maybe there is some truth to the rumor the German GS designers say you do not need to carry clean underwear when riding an expensive GS, it is preferrable you buy new unterhosen every day and toss out the old ones. As for the burnt turkey, they probably figured is was best it happened to reduce the possible spread of turked bird flu.”
    While Barry BBQ was examining an aftermarket pair of aluminum panniers designed for BMWs by Happy Trails (Boise, Idaho) he mentioned that they looked pretty sturdy and waterproof. The Tea Drinker answered, “Yep, these wont crack when your bike falls over and are waterproof.”
    Barry BBQ replied, “My BMW boxes are waterproof, or were before they got holes burned in them.”
    The Tea Drinker retorted, “My aluminum panniers don’t melt when exposed to heat.”
    The upside of the scouting tour for Barry BBQ was his earning a consultant position to the Mekong River Jump as the Banquet Chairperson for the Mekong Jump Celebration Banquet. He was able to bask in his anointment with David Bailey of Chiang Khong when he discovered that Bailey also had a melted BMW left side pannier, his being on a BMW RT.
    While Barry BBQ and Khun David were bonding over holed BMW panniers, David’s wife Mai let the Tea Drinkers explore their country club- style home setting over looking the Mekong River. Possible site take-off positions were explored and photographs taken for use by the ramp designers. As a test KTM Boy did a practice wheelie that would have made the “Long Way Around” boys from Great Britain cry, again.
    While GT-Rider was exploring riverbanks, village watering holes and Mekong offerings by boat, Temple Hunter crossed from Cambodia to Lao in his continuing search by motorcycle. A text mail received from deep in the jungles indicated Temple Hunter might have been suffering from an attack by a very bad tiger (beer).
    Not to be left out, the remaining Tea Drinker did the donkey work of conducting research and in-depth interviews on the Thailand side of the Mekong River. Included was a lengthy meeting with an architect who expressed interest in designing the take-off and landing ramps. Assisting in the interview at a secret location (curtains blocked off views by curious passer-byes) were numerous thirsty yings demonstrating how fast baht could be consumed in the form of Lady Drinks.
    The ramp designer candidate and two riding assistants had just returned from a two-week ride through Lao, one having suffered minor ego damage when not paying attention and riding off a cliff into space and then landing in the jungle 50 meters below. Vines had to be tied together and used to drag the motorcycle back up to the dirt track. One suggestion was he (Jerry the Eagle?) was testing wind resistance to be able to answer interview questions about velocity once the Mekong jumper had left the take-off ramp.
    The Mekong Jump now has an official website. It was determined this was needed to prevent unauthorized use of trademarks and copyrights owned by the North Thai Tea Drinking Society in conjunction with the Record Jump, as well as the theft their secret passwords and recognition flashes. The site is
    [End Bamboo Telegraph Transmission 2/06]
  19. The search goes on
    12 Feb 2006
    The KTM Boy (designated Water Consultant) pondering another potential site,
    just a couple of kms upstream from his Luang Prabang cross Mekong swim in 2005.
    See Link removed

    Keep The Power On
  20. Feb 12, while KTM-boy was pondering this potential site DavidFL learned that he could no longer walk on water.
  21. Size 15, You mean to say our "FL" is a mear mortal, an cann't walk on water?
    But, But asride the trusty A-Twinn enything is posible!!!
    We are talking about our multi lingguist(sic),multi map-mak'n,book-rit'n, Mekong drink'n, time of your life hav'n FL..
    So walk'n on water is mabe so passe for the main man.
    Scott....Keep'n it real..
  22. Religous bunch, the Tea Drinking Mekong Jumpers
    GT-Rider races across Mekong water, and the fund raisers repeat the following mantra:
    "Oh Buddha, I give you silver, I give you gold.
    Oh Buddha, I give you chickens and ducks.
    Give me the winning lottery number."
    (Calabow group)
    Religious Consultant named: Robert Davis impressed the Tea Drinkers so much with his sexpeditious ideological knowledge of Internet sites to link the Tea Drinking Society to in conjuction with their motorcycle Mekong Jumping he was blessed with the moniker "" and assigned to conduct ongoing probing and in depth research.

    Globe Rider Greg
  23. Scot, I let the photo speak for itself. Perhaps if he was riding the trusty A-Twin?


    If I wasn't doing this, I'd be doing something else...
  24. Latest Brolly Dolly under going "application" process.
    I think she's in with a chance, strictly due to the place of residence right alongside the 'Khong at Chiang Khong....

    Keep The Power On

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