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  1. Want to buy a lift for my Harley as am getting to old for crawling around inthe garage on my knees,anyone know whats available in Thailand and where???Cheers :?
  2. A shop in Chiang Mai sells hydraulic bike lift, for about 3,800 baht
  3. Or just do what the thai mechs do and 'sit' it onto a small stool (partially supported by the kickstand still in contact with the ground) :)
  4. Where??
  5. Mr Motorcross, on the corner of the moat, has all dirt bikes outside and has motorcross gear for sale, bike lift is just inside shop on left hand side
  6. TJ,

    As the bike lift will be used for a Hog do you have a quip about hernias? :wink:
  7. Last year about 7 of us had lifts made. Borrowed an original and had the shop fabricate them. 1700bht and 300 for hydraulic jack.
  8. Got any photos of the finished product(s)?
  9. Hmmm!!!! Now there is an idea, couple guy bought some at Pattaya bike week a few years back, maybe I could get one duplicated. I'm no mechanic, but I could use one just to keep the darn thing clean. Dragstar leans over so far you can't see much at all on he kickstand side.

    of course the bike week's coming up again, maybe they will be there again.

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