Motorcycle Ride From Cebu City - Philippines

Discussion in 'Southeast Asia Motorcycling Videos' started by Barry Neves, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. These clips are from a run out Wednesday morning last for a leisurely ride over to Balamban from Cebu City with a view to running down to Toledo then taking the Lutopan - Talisay mountain road back to Talisay in Cebu City. These give a good idea of the local riding conditions - which differ markedly from thopse in the GT area of Thailand. The Transcentral Highwat that crosses the central mountain range on Cebu Island is a fast twisty sportbike road as good as you will find anywhere. But the second and third clips show some of the scenic, though very slow sections on a minor mountain road that took us back to Cebu City. Very picturesque, but much, much slower than its equivalent in the GT! That is why 300 kms a day here is considered extremely good going! Nevertheless, a very enjoyable country to explore on two wheels! The bike, by the way, is a VStrom 1000! Cheers - Barry

  2. The first two don't seem to be working but once you replace the the three dots in between the c and the h with om/watc they do work.

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