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  1. Like to know does anyone of you buy the third party motorcycles insurance when you rode you bike into laos.

    If you do, where did you get it?

  2. Phuah

    If you enter at the Friendship Bridge at Nong Khai, there is an insurance office right there. Used to be about 30,000 kip for 10 days coverage.

    Exchange is about 10,000 kip to the US dollar.


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  3. Bob's right, at the Friendship Bridge, insurance is available at the AGL office on the right hand side as you enter Laos.
    At Vang Tao in the south I think there was an AGL office on the left hand side as you enter Laos.
    In Huay Sai, there is always an AGL employee hovering around the car ferry port to pick up customers, so it is never a problem.
    I just renewed my 3rd party insurance in Vte with AGL & it cost me 1,576 baht for the maximum 3rd party coverage for 12 months. But all being well, I hope to never use it.

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  4. Phuah,

    I would recommend getting insurance while in Laos. The coverage is not great however the insurance fee is probably less than it will cost you to pay off some gready copper.

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  5. Thank you guys for the information.

    I will be entering Laos at Vang Tao, and exit from Friendship bridge.

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