Motorcyclist nabbed after naked joyride in Chiang Mai goes viral

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    Motorcyclist nabbed after naked joyride in Chiang Mai goes viral


    CHIANG MAI: -- A man who brazenly rode a motorcycle through downtown Chiang Mai while naked has been arrested after detectives were alerted to his antics through a video clip on a social media network.

    It took five hours for police to swoop on the man after the clip of his raunchy romp appeared on the web yesterday morning. Police arrested Jetpol Chanboontawee, 24, and charged him with committing a lewd act.

    Police Region 5 deputy chief Chamnan Ruodreaw said officers launched an investigation into the matter after receiving complaints from people who had viewed Mr Jetpol's clip.

    Pol Maj Gen Chamnan said police traced the IP address of the person who first posted the clip. That person then identified Mr Jetpol as the naked motorcycle rider.

    Mr Jetpol confessed that he was the rider in the clip, which was shot on April 30.

    He told police he and his friend had attended a party at a restaurant in the Kad Choeng Doi area and became intoxicated. He was challenged by a friend and offered 1,000 baht to ride his motorcycle naked through the streets.

    He said a man in the group, identified only as Bom, was the person who shot the video clip and posted it on Facebook.

    Police will summon Mr Bom for questioning. They said he might face charges of violating the Computer Crime Act for posting the clip.

    Police fined Mr Jetpol 1,000 baht for committing a lewd act in public and released him.

    -- Phuket News 2013-05-26
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    I wonder if they also fined him for lack of a helmet?, or for riding while intoxicated? TIT
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    Situation Normal then. You Guys not from the North See What You are Missing! Everything happens up here!
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    "...after receiving complaints from people who had viewed Mr Jetpol's clip."

    Why did they complain? If they don't want to see those kind of lood acts, why do they click "play"?

    Reminds me of the joke of the old woman who complains to the police about her neighbor exercising naked in front of his window across the street.

    The cop says: "But you can only see his chest!" and she replies: "But not if you climb onto this table!!"

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