Mounted a camera and went riding in Doi Mae Salong

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by Sukie, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Mounted a camera on my helmet, turn on the iPod and went riding in one of my favorite route.

    Daewoo - will post pics soon

    follow this link -
  2. Nice one Sukie !! Was this an effect on purpose or are these cameras starting to ''tunnel'' once you move at higher speeds ? Cheers, Franz
  3. Franze

    Glad you like it

    i used iMovie to edit it on my Mac and added fx/music to make it more interesting, otherwise, can get kind of boring after awhile
  4. Sukie

    The road looked nice & clean & with those beautiful skies I reckon you were having an absolute blast.
    I particularly liked the music too, but did not recognize the artist - who is it? :oops:

    I reckon that you must have done quite a bit of editing & bloody good it was too, because I think there were two sections of road there, one coming up from Mae Chan & the other heading south from DMS towards Tha Ton - yes / no? OR have I got it totally wrong & it is all heading south from Mae Salong?

    Have you done the Akha Sam Yaek - Thoed Thai - Huai Mu - Doi Tung link up yet? That's one incredible tight steep narrow twisting road, & the switchbacks at Pha Bur are unbelievable - arguably the steepest in the North?

    How many kms have you got up on the "young" Tiger now? Around 30,000?
  5. Fun way to remember this fabulous route! I am only missing the fresh air and the smell of the grass :)
  6. The Tiger is now roughly 51,000 km
    The music is Duran Duran ( not a huge fan but like that particular song)

    The route is actually the 1234 - starting from the southern checkpoint and heading north toward Mae Salong

    been to all the routes you've mentioned

    Will be up north again around 27th-28th

    Hope all is well
  7. Sukie

    Nice clip and I personally love the song(as im Ex 80's Dj) it was big hit that time

    nice to see you writing here as well,, reember i sent you mail regarding RTW,,,
  8. Yes Marco, I remember you

    Hope all is well
  9. Sukie

    All are well and ok,, we are heading to Nong Khai MC Lobo bike party on 16th Jan,, you anywhere close that time?
  10. marco

    i will be in BKK during that time but hope you all have a good time

    The ride from NOng Khai to Chiang Khan on the 211 is great
  11. Quite something there; first off your cam is mounted by a smiling gent carrying a machine gun and the music chosen does a good job capturing the feeling you get from riding the roads like that in this weather.

    Oh, glad you enjoyed riding amongst all that heavy traffic - was that a cow at 0.50 seconds?

  12. Always enjoyable when you, your bike and the road sync and become one

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