Mr Joe - serious accident

Dec 26, 2006
Being at buonissimo watching the motogp ,i heard that Mr Joe (joe mechanic) has a serious accident around town saturday ...
Anyone has more information about it (wich hospital is he ,overall physical condition)....


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Yes unfortunately Joe (from Joes Bike Team) did have a serious accident on his sidecar a few days ago.
A pick-up driver did a u-turn from the one-way traffic into the two-way traffic driving down the wrong side of the road & ploughing into Joe, on the super after he came out of Kamthieng heading west on the super.
Joe's injuries included broken ribs / jaw / shoulder, plus lost his spleen, liver damage & a punctured lung.
Not surprisingly he is in ICU & not allowed visitors.
His condition had stabilized satisfactorily, as of yesterday.
There is a team of close friends looking after him.
Please do not phone Joe's / Goodwill Mc Hire for updates.
More info will be supplied on this board by Pikey when appropriate.

We all wish Joe a speedy healthy recovery.


Feb 26, 2007
Only met him once... but is a sorry thing to happen to anyone..

My thoughts are with you...

As they say in England its not motorbikes that are dangerous its the others on the road!
Nov 11, 2006
And what of the pick up driver? Did he do the usual mongrel Thai job and -
1. Run into the bushes?
2. Blame the farang?
3. Ask the farang for money to fix his pick up?
And as for the Thai cops 2 & 3 applies too?
I had been expecting Joe to ring me any day about a job I was doing for him. Now I know why he hasn't called. Hope he's ok now.
Feb 23, 2003
Am so sorry to hear about Joe's accident. I wish him the very best, and hope for a full and speedy recovery for him.


A quick one to reply:

1. The pickup driver stuck around and has tried to visit Joe several times. Also he has spoken with Joe’s wife.
2. Blame has not been established 100% but is very likely to fall in Joe's favour
3. Nope.

Thai cops have been very co-operative and Joe's wife is dealing with them with a friend who's hubby is a cop.

Joe's is far from OK but at least he's out of the woods, though it will be a fair while before he calls anyone.

Thanks for posting the details earlier David and I will pass on everyone's wishes. Just a small correction to David's post - Joe was not on the super, rather the road that runs past Tesco's connecting the Super to the N.E corner of the moat. Joe was heading south back into town on his outfit and the pickup, heading north towards the super slung a U-turn through a gap in the central divider straight into Joe's path. Seems like there were no skidmarks so this definitely happened suddenly and gave Joe nowhere to go to avoid. This all happened friday lunchtime and Joe has no recall of the accident at the moment.

Latest from today is that the docs have taken the hose from his mouth that was providing oxygen and now he has a regular mask on. Tonight/tomorrow they will wire up his jaw.

I'll provide info as and when but please be patient as a) it's going to take time for him to make a full recovery, and b) sometimes my internet connection cacks out so that I can't post straight away.

BTW, the shop will remain open monday - friday but with the emphasis on the rentals side. No heavy customer work can be taken on right now but simple stuff shouldn't be a problem.


Apr 30, 2007
Heard about the accident and very sorry to hear the news. Please pass on my best wishes. Please keep us informed of developments.

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Feb 15, 2007
My very best wishes to Joe too. Have known him for many years.
This is the wrong place, I know. But I'd also like to offer my congratulations, best wishes and good luck to Pikey now he has taken over from Tom after his retirement.
Jun 6, 2007
Very best wishes Joe for a full recovery - from a 4 wheeler with whom you have always been pleasant and patient.
Last time I saw you only a week ago on the outfit you were wearing a skid lid. A first, I think! Wise man!
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Oct 12, 2005
Warmest wishes to Joe on a speedy recovery. Sorry to see this develop.

Jeff as we discussed, if there is anything I can do, or be of any help or hand don't hesitate to give us a bell. Best of luck.


Dec 10, 2006
Get well soon Joe.

Best wishes from all of us in Malaysia.


Thanks for all the messages and I will pass them on to Joe. Wow, I am the bearer of good news! Joe is out of ICU as of today and in a private room. Myself, his wife Woon and Frank visited him earlier this evening and the transformation from last week is nothing short of spectacular. The tubes are out from both his mouth and his guts, he's breathing unaided and although he can't talk due to his jaw being wired shut, he indicates that he is doing OK.

Joe still does not remember the accident, will not be able to talk for 4 weeks whilst his jaw remains wired and will have a couple of very substantial scars for which he will have to invent some barstool stories for (or maybe not necessary!). Talking of bars, he reckons his recovery would be quicker if he was allowed to drink Tiger Beer rather than water which goes to show that he is well on the mend [:)]. No indication of how long he will have to stay in hospital as it obviously all depends on his progress but I will post again with updates.


Feb 22, 2005
Sorry to hear about Joe's accident. Please pass on our best wishes to him from us.
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May 31, 2004
Pikey, can you say now in which hospital Joe is and if it is possible to visit. Also, is there anything he needs there that I could bring ?
Dec 8, 2006
I just got back from the Isle of Man TT Races last night, and only heard about this today.

My best wishes to Joe, and hope he gets well as soon as possible.