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  1. In Muang Sing "city"
    check out the all new
    Chanthimmeng Guesthouse
    for a fabulous view over the town's rice fields.
  2. :) bump 3 for jurgen
    But Silverhawk has another good recommendation for a place out of town..
  3. Thank youDavid, I will do some scouting and compare to the place were my frinds are staying. I use Dokchampa in LNT but Manychan seems also nice (specially to hang out and connect)
  4. The Sing Charoen Hotel





    50,000 kip = 200 baht a night. Hot water.
  5. I wanted to stay here, but they insisted on no shoes / boots which I found too inconvenient considering I was going to be in & out frequently in between GPS-mapping breaks.
  6. This is where I stay in Muang Sing. Quite nice people actually. If you saw what my boots looked like after a couple of days, I can understand why. ;)
  7. Khamkeo Guesthouse. I can reccomend it!

    We arrived late at night, so we did not have so much time to look around. But we were very happy at this one. Its a long way off the mainroad. Very close, just 50 meters to the morning market. I liked that fact!
    Due to morning market, can be a little loud early, but that did not disturb me.

    Friendly owners. Son is a tour guide, if needed....
    Price, can´t remember, was around 40.000 to 50.000 for double. hot water, own bath.
  8. UPDATE MAY 2012

    1. BATH TOWELL is usually NOT in the room, so ask for one as you check in. Otherwise you might end up using the pillow case, if need be,
    2. BEWARE the tiled floor in the bedroom, if wet, it is extremely slippery. But the bathroom seems to be quite ok.
  9. Phou Iu Guest House.
    spacious grounds


    Huge rooms




    The Phou Iu also has a good restaurant with a full menu of several pages.
    The servings are very generous & tasty. This is arguably the best food & restaurant in Muang Sing; & if your like me & struggled to find any decent food in MS, then check out the Phou Iu.


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