Muang Sing Restaurants.

Discussion in 'Restaurants - Laos' started by Moto-Rex, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Tai Lu Restaurant.

    This restaurant and guesthouse looks like its been around forever.
    Located on the main road, and on the GT-Rider map.


    Opens early, so a good spot (if not the only) to have breakfast in Muang sing before going riding.
    Great banana pancakes, and the best coffee in Laos.


    Non breakfast food can be good, and not so good, but there’s always cold beer.
    Better place for Lao food at night is at the Phoulu2 resort, which is also on the map.


  2. Apart from (for me so so ) Phoulu 1, I think that's pretty much all what Muang Sing has to offer for the foreign stomachs. What I greatly appreciate at Phoulu 2 is WIFI :)
    For me this is all that's needed to hang around this gentle town.

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