muppets DAY 3 chiang rai- phayao off road.

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  1. after rolling into chiang rai for the night from fang, the muppets were in bed early again in prep for the next days ride to phayao. if rumours were to be believed coming from the transmoto camp we would need all our energy for the upcoming day.
    unfortunately we werent greeted by the best of weather in the morning


    yes, the rain came down and we gazed out hoping that it would soon stop and allow us to plough on
    spirits were down


    yes cambodian immigration have already been informed of his whereabouts.

    we motored on south on highway one for about 25kms before cutting across west into the dirt. we first entered into farmland and it was a tediuos process of dead end after dead end until we finally hit some sort of continous trail at baan kuay yai( spelling). from here it was our plan to hook up with some other trails that bignsmall had already done that would take us over to highway 118.
    the trails were mostly truck roads here


    we had a look at getting across from mai phattana to pang sang but to no avail, the trail petered out after no more than 2 kilomtres although looking at it on the map im sure there must be something going through. so we were back heading south. scenery here was lovely and regrettably i wasnt particulary active on the camera as my fingers were tired.

    leisurely riding was the order of the day after a couple of hard days riding and we took regular breaks


    after a brief threatning of rain which had me slightly perturbed as we were on clay we made it through to the 18 with no dramas. of course we didnt actually want to go to the 118 but because of the ktm's miniscule fuel tank we couldnt cut straight down towards wang kaew waterfall like we originally planned.

    so lunched and fuelled up we took a track that myself and HF had discovered a few months back that takes you straight from the 118 by wiang pa pao to the nothern end of the 1303. the track was looses stones and sandy and our big bores chomped them up and it cant have taken us any more than 25mins to do this section.

    from here we scurried over to the waterfall headquarters for some refreshments and mull over what a beautiful area it was.
    after this the riding would get much better and as we hit singletrack those tired fingers of mine got snappy,

    here is justin mastering sections of the trail on his enduro weapon that you have to be great shape to ride by the way.



    this is a lovely area and asides from a couple of slightly technical uphills was relatively easy going




    the feeling of remoteness here was awesome and during times of rest on the side of the trail you really appreciate what a gorgeous country we ride in everyday.

    as justin lets me ride ahead most of the time i get the chance to sniff out any spots where he might slip up or come into any trouble so i can be ready to document the full process of events,
    here was one of those occasions, the climb wasnt that steep but the heavily rutted and slippery surface meant i thought he was going down for sure, so i parked my honda triumphantly at the top of the climb and sat and waited patiently like a pit viper waiting for a unsuspecting mouse.

    sure enough the burble of the ktm arrived and bigntall raced up the first section of the climb, the secong half proofed a little morte taxing and legs started flailing like a drowning schoolgirl in the deepend of a swimming pool, i laughed and took aim with the camera praying for a fall/drown.





    but know he saves it the bike must have been at 45degrees for 30 seconds as justin mustered up all his strength, i could literally see the willpower sizzling from his helmet not to drop the bike in front of a buddy, it was an incredible show of brute strength and im sure the bike would have gone down had i not been there with the camera! great stuff here is emeging from the trauma


    from here it was plain sailing until we reached a forestry commission office


    there was 2 options here, either head home the way me and HF had come previuosly that we already had a gps track for or head for option b that we speculated might do a bit of a curcle and take us back to same village via a slightly different route.
    so sugar levels and remaing sunlight left taken into account for we unaminously settled for the new unknown route.

    oh boy it turned out to be a little tough rocky, clay rutted uphills i have no phots as i was concentrating on staying upright, we climbed to the top and saw a littlesingletrack heading off to the right that we figured must go back dwon to the village. the trail was awful steep so i decided to walk it first as we werent sure whether we would make it back up. i walked down for 100metres or so and gave it the green light i had seen all i needed to see the trail turned flatish and we would be out safe and well. so back to the bikes and down we went.

    we went past the point where i had furthest seen and it was back to steep and slippery. bollocks i thought id just taken us down a bloody dead end and now we were going to have to do north thailand answer to erzberg to get back up.
    well i didnt fancy going up, im more a fan of going down myself.
    so i got off the bike again and walked another 100metres down the trail.
    same analysis seems ok, a lot better than going back up so off we went again, finally at the bottom of another slippery descent we reached what could finally be called half a trail and this is where i took this photo of a very relieved SP rider


    i believe SP has some shots of this section so i will defer to him to fill in where i was slack with the camera.

    after reaching that part of the trail we hot-tailed it back to phayao for some well deserved KFC and courting of the local fellas with the antipodean wrecking crew of transmotosport.
    great times
    over and out, the honky.
  2. Bang on report Luke. Lukes back posting bigger, faster, and stronger just like the bionic man. Well that is until he gets a bottle of whiskey then he resembles Superman battling the forces of Kyptonite wobbling about in a stupor, now wheres that photo???

    Here's a couple more shots from the Single track section above the waterfall. NReally nice stuff most of the way.

    Luke proving that the Big Red Pig can indeed do singletrack

    The KTM quaffing its hair before it proceeds.

    At this point is where the trails had a Thai girl moment and entered a bit of a mood swing. Needless to say I prodded Luke forward with a stick like A pirate forcing his captive to walk the gang plank. I egged him on with tales of infamy on the GT-rider board should the trail be a nice discovery. Hell David might even be thankful enough to introduce you to that Uni lass with the terrific figure I told him. He was gone like a shot.

    The scenery was Thai girl nice

    and the trail was THai Girl bad. We could not stop for pics until past the bad section since it was steep, rocky and slippery.

    Those that have ridden with Luke know his penchant for avoiding embarrassing photos. Because the bastard is young and quick he often gets the bike righted before I can get the camera out. This section was as Ian says "slippery as cat shit" and sure enough wanted the XR's front wheel more than Luke did and down he went like a sack of potatos.

    Luke picked it up before the shutter snapped but boy of boy if I would of had the video a few minutes later. Trying to start the XR once flooded can be a bit like presenting logic to a Thai gal....a bit of a chore. Coasted the resto f the way down the trail till it joined a fire road

    Luke really relishing his choice of the XR650 at this moment and wishing the designer of the XR's hot starting capabilities would commit Hari Kari. I reckon he would of traded for a Honda Dream straight across if one would of come along at this point.

    Well we wobbled out of the hills to a storefront for some recuperation. One of the greatest joys of riding over here is enjoying your interaction with the locals. All at this store were as gabby as parrots enthusiastic with their interaction despite the language difficulties.

    Didn't take long before who was single were being pointed out for the yank to take back home.

    They were trying to pawn the lady off in the blue hat as a solid choice for matrimony.

    Since my eyes are'nt the greatest i had to get a closer look at the prize.

    It would need to be closer to 2AM for me to claim her.

    Then a rumble into Phayao and hook up with the Transmotosport tour for a night of fun and frolick.

    End of day 3. Day 4 goes from Phayao back to Chiang Mai
  3. Old age taking its toll. The coming night after this ride is where we were introduced to Big and Balls by her admiring Aussie suitor.

    Yep, i forgot. Rolled into Fang on the first night and checked my blood for my evening insulin injection....loh and behold I had left my insulin at the lunch stop in Wieng heng. Joy. just what the diabetic that speaks 7 words of Thai needs.

    Luckily a trip to the hospital in Fang produced some Insulin and needles. However the insulin they use over here is over a decade behind the times in terms of development. But hey, as my father says "beggars can't be choosers".
  4. It's not entirely clear which is in need of more high maintenance
    the Austro-Hungarian Orange Peel or its rider?
    And, if the KTM is "Ready to Race";
    what is B&T/SP/SF's strapline - "Slippery when Wet"?

    But a true hat tip to B&T/SP/SF tho, for overcoming both mechanical trouble
    & mercurial "male waitresses" under trying circs!
    And it would have to be in Fang when the blood is running a little low,
    that you have to scrounge up some life saving gear to keep going.

    But we have to come to a GT Rider's agreement over the delightful & delectable Miss Nui,
    "Why drink Black Label, when you buy me Blue"!
  5. Ballantines Gold 12 yrs worked for me.
  6. In defense of my philandering riding partner an answer may be:

    Why settle for chewy and dried up Prince Charles and his dated capabilities,

    When you can dig your teeth into a younger and tender Prince Harry,

    might be what the succulent Ms. Nui discovers drives her hunger.

    For better or worse seems to be a common thread littering my rides as of late. All in good fun.
  7. dude thanks for sticking up for my plight, although that is william in the picture not harry. shows where your true nationality lies!!
  8. Yea well wait till you're over 40. Bloody blondes,redheads it all the same to us Yanks. besides its hard to find pics of Harry without a bird on his arm.

    Edited the post to satisfy the Poms on the board. Meanwhile the merry Yanks are as clueless as ever.
  9. Sorry HH but the HRH is Harry - the one who looks more like Major Hewitt his rumoured father

    Harry not in one of his finest moments


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