Must see towns, bars, accomodation, and wilderness areas in north Thailand?

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  1. I'm planning a 2 -3 week bike tour of northern Thailand. The rough plan is to start in Chiang Mai and do the Samsung loop, Mae Hong Son loop, checkout Pai, Chiang Rai and Nan. Not really interested in hardcore jungle tracks, but the odd high speed dirt trail would be great.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing Pai, Mae Hong Son and Nam. What are the other notable towns to visit in this area? Maybe some cool must see wilderness areas, accomodation, interesting bars, cool riverside places or areas? What are the must do roads?

    My next trips will likely be other areas of S.E.A/Thailand and I don't want to miss any great towns in this area.
  2. Hi mate. I'm the same as you in that I do most of my riding on tarmac, but as some of the roads are so bad..... sorry...... fun (parts of Mae Sot to Mae Sariang) you may as well be off road (which is why I've just added an Africa Twin to the stable! :thumbup: ).

    However, some "must do" stuff from a regular rider (not hard core "must find the narrowest trail and villages where they've never seen a white face"..... yet!!) would be say Chiang Mai up the 1001 to Phrao then west to the 107, up to Fang, Mae Ai, Thaton, then Doi Mae Salong, then up to the Golden Triangle, along to Chiang Saen, Chiang Khong, then down the 1155, east to Phu Chi Fa (sp) rejoin the 1155, down to the 1020, into Chiang Rai then home back to Chiang Mai on the 118.

    Other riders will have variations they will undoubtedly suggest as most folk have done the above zillions of times, but for a "first time up the Top End" road rider, that route is terrific!

  3. I have done the loops in the same timescale as you have over the last few years all the info is in the site as dave suggests but the big thing for me was to allow enough time for stopping and looking around as they is a lot to see and do and to enjoy it all takes time
    The hot springs, caves and just fantastic roads highlights for me .I did post my trips but pretty tame compared to some
    Have a great trip
    Safe riding

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