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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
MV Augusta has reached a deal for a new distributor & assembly for Malaysia.

MV Agusta to be distributed and locally assembled in Malaysia by MV Agusta Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
MV Agusta Malaysia Sdn Bhd is the subsidiary of AFY Mobility Sdn Bhd.

The announcement was made by none other than MV Agusta CEO, Timur Sardarov.

“I am particularly thrilled about this new, important partnership marking the consolidation and the expansion of the MV Agusta presence in one of the most dynamic economies in SouthEast Asia.

“The CKD assembly solutions found with our partners will boost our competitiveness in the region, in line with our global expansion strategy.

“I wish the newly born MV Agusta Malaysia every success,” he said in a statement.

Meanwhile, MV Agusta Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a newly formed company that is a subsidiary of AFY Mobility Sdn Bhd (AMI).

As mentioned by Sardarov, all MV Agusta motorcycles will be completely assembled at the AMI assembly and training facility in Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

Some history: The MV Agusta brand has a long history with Malaysia, previously being owned by Proton Holdings and purchased at a price of RM500 million in 2003, before being controversially sold for RM4 to Gevi SpA in 2006.

A brief MV Augusta ownership history
1945 – Meccanica Verghera Srl (MV Agusta) established by Count Domenico Agusta. The company’s first motorcycle is the MV 98.
1947 – Franco Bertoni wins MV Agusta’s first motorcycle race using an MV 98 Sport.
1950 – Giovanni Castiglioni founds Cagiva. The company is named after its owner and where it was located, CAstiglioni GIovanni VArese.
1955 – MV Agusta starts producing Bell helicopters under a license agreement.
1956 – John Surtees wins MV Agusta’s first World Championship in the 500cc class.
1971 – Count Domenico Agusta dies.
1973 – Agusta family sells 51% of MV Agusta to EFIM, a public financing group.
1976 – Giacomo Agostini wins MV Agusta’s last World Championship, to date.
1978 – Castiglioni’s son Claudio Castiglioni takes Cagiva into the motorcycle business and purchases an old Aermacci/AMF/Harley-Davidson factory in Schirana, near Varese, Italy.
1979 – Cagiva produces 40,000 motorcycles.
1980 – MV Agusta stops producing motorcycles.
1985 – Cagiva buys Ducati for $5 million U.S.
1985 – Cagiva buys Moto Morini.
1987 – Cagiva buys Husqvarna.
1991 – Cagiva acquires MV Agusta, which is only a name at the time.
1996 – Cagiva sells 51% stake in Ducati to Texas Pacific Group (TPG) for about $325 million U.S.
1996 – Cagiva restructures under the name MV Agusta.
1999 –The first new MV Agusta motorcycle is produced – the F4 750 sportbike.
2002 – MV Agusta goes into receivership, a.k.a. government control.
2004 – Malaysian auto manufacturer Proton buys majority share of MV Agusta for 70 million Euro (about $83 million U.S. at the time), allowing MV Agusta to exit receivership.
2005 – Proton sells its share in MV Agusta to GEVI S.p.A., an investment firm, for 1 Euro with GEVI assuming $126 million U.S of MV Agusta’s debt. GEVI then allows MV Agusta to refinance its debt.
2007 – MV Agusta sells Husqvarna to BMW for 93 million Euro (or about $127 million U.S. at the time).
2008 – Harley-Davidson buys MV Agusta for $109 million U.S., including $69 million U.S. in assumed debt.
2010 – Harley-Davidson “divests” itself of MV Agusta, selling it to Claudio Castiglioni for 1 Euro with $20 million U.S. cash in MV Agusta’s accounts, effectively paying Castiglioni $20 million to take MV Agusta back.
2011 – Claudio Castiglioni dies at the age of 64, and Giovanni Castiglioni becomes President and CEO of MV Agusta.
2014 – Mercedes-AMG acquires a 25% share of MV Agusta for an undisclosed sum.
2014 – Giovanni Castiglioni tells journalists at the launch of the new 2015 Stradale 800 that MV Agusta does not plan to ever produce small-displacement motorcycles and will instead continue to focus on producing high-end motorcycles.
2015 – MV Agusta announces it is filing for the Italian equivalent of bankruptcy protection from its creditors.
2016 – Black Ocean Group (founded by Oliver Ripley and Timur Sardarov) and MV Agusta Holding (owned by the Castiglioni family) inject capital into MV Agusta.
2017 – Italian courts approve MV Agusta’s restructuring plan.
2017 – MV Agusta Holding, now owned by Giovanni Castiglioni /and /Sardarov, repurchases shares owned by Mercedes-AMG and claims 100% ownership of MV Agusta.
2017 – MV Agusta receives more capital from ComSar Invest.
2018 – Sardarov becomes CEO of MV Agusta, and Castiglioni assumes the role of President of MV Agusta.
2019 – Sardarov family buys out the Castiglioni family and acquires 100% of MV Agusta, with Timur Sardarov becoming Chairman of the Board of Directors as well as the CEO. Giovanni Castiglioni transitions into an advisory role with the company.
2019 – MV Agusta enters into long-term strategic partnership with China’s Loncin Motor to produce a new line of 350cc-500cc motorcycles.
2019 – MV Agusta secures capital funding to execute its new five-year strategic plan.
2020 – MV Agusta celebrates 75th anniversary.
2020 – MV Agusta USA hosts dealers at a January convention in Las Vegas, where Timur Sardarov, Brian Gillen, Doug McCloskey and other executives lay out MV Agusta’s plans for the future.

Source: Road Racing World.

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