MX Bikes to Laos/ Cambodia

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  1. Hi all. Does anyone have any experience travelling between Thailand/Laos and/or Thailand/Cambodia by car, with a couple of MX bikes in the back?

    I'm just wanting to know how customs are to be convinced that the bikes don't have rego./plates etc and can be allowed to pass.

    Any help would be great.
  2. If you had read crossing border info on the main page or bothered to read posts in the Laos
    and Cambo sub-forums, for posts covering your questions.... have found that you _cannot_ cross borders with an un-regged and plateless bike!! How is Customs to know the bike(s) aren't stolen?
  3. Thanks for your reply, yes I realise you can't ride them across. You're obviously more knowledgable on this area than me, so can you let me know how people import MX bikes to the country? Or are all of them illegal imports in pieces?

  4. I've zero practical knowledge in your situation.
    Where did you buy the buy...if Thailand and you have a bill of sale in your name and matches to the frame & motor numbers on the bike, then I'd suggest checking with an exporter, as well as Thai Customs and maybe the Thai Minister of Commerce.
    Do some research...make come phone calls. I've no idea what or how many documents you'll need!
  5. Hmm, I thought that was what I was doing here. Thanks for your help anyway (I think!)

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