My dream quicky off the XCentre

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  1. I like to do quickies, say in the afternoon.
    If possible less traveled roads.
    Sorry about specifics, I don't record time or distances but it is easy to follow.
    Starting off the XCentre we went less than 2 km. On the left green sign AWAY xyz Resort.
    Followed the perfectly tarred road up and up. Beautiful and tranquil.
    After some 15 km or so it hits another road. Didn't go straight but took an almost 180 degree backwards.
    Quickly the road gets from bad to worse, at least for me with 3 small wheels which makes it next to impossible to avoid the many big potholes. You get bumped from behind, from front and from the left.
    Plus the steep inclines require a minimum speed of 30km/h in order to keep the clutch fully engaged.
    Otherwise the clutch will slip and I will have a hard time to get moving again.
    Once we got going it became quickly obvious that we had reached the point of no return.

    Consequence= a wonderful ride through pristine forest, lonely.
    Additional entertainment were the many shouts, insults, prayers from my permanent pillion.

    We had no idea where and when the trip would end. It turned out that we hit the Samoeng road just above the Royal Sirikit Botanic Garden , finishing the loop at the XCentre.

    Would love to go back tomorrow but not sure if I am not asking too much of my street vehicle.
  2. My DR650 has been sitting with cobwebs sprouting around it (literally) since my return from Vietnam a couple months ago. After reading Pico's post and having terrific weather today, I thought it was a good time to blow out the cobwebs.

    The main reason I chose to follow Pico's post was because I just could not picture a road going to left from the X-Centre and the 1096 as he described. I had to find this new route. When I reached the mentioned sign "Away Suansawan Resort" I realized I had read the post too quickly and misunderstood. The sign is clearly on the left, but the road is on the right (north) side. This in fact is the road (4027) to Tad Mork Falls, Nong Hoi or Mai Pa.

    Once a very potholed and broken road, it now has a relatively new surface and is very smooth going. At the "Y" Pico turned left toward Nong Hoi. This is what I call the "shortcut" over the mountain through the Hmong village of Nong Hoi and back down to the 1096.

    Pico, I am amazed that you even tried this with your sidecar let alone successfully completed the route. You have become quite adventurous, good for you :thumbup: . I am sure your "pillion" must have a few bruises to remind her of the outing. As you say, there are some great views and it is an interesting side trip.


    I highly recommend you do it again, but this time stay to the right instead of up the mountain to Nong Hoi. You will follow new asphalt that leads past a new reservoir and eventually to Mai Pa. There are a number of available loops and good roads that wind through some beautiful valleys, without the steep climbs you already encountered, and quite a bit more comfortable for your passenger. Take David's map as there are a few possible routes leading back to Samoeng and it is quite easy to get somewhat "lost" if you start going too far north. Enjoy! :)
  3. Pico PIco
    I reckon that at the fork above, if you dont go left 180 degree backwards, but go straight you will continue onto Mae Pa & The Pong Khwao hot springs.

    But if you go again make sure you stop at the old treasure house Coffee House by Hmong Lodge.




    You could also take the GT Rider Samoeng loop map to fully navigate your way around the back roads out there, as there will be several excellent day rides & loops you can do out of Mae Rim - Samoeng. Enjoy & many thanks for the trip report.

  4. I have had a home on that road going on nearly 25 years now. Where you took the left at the 'Y' past Mae Khii is a bit rough and steep, but for only that initial climb, about 500 meters. That road soon becomes a bit better and becomes paved for most of the ride back down to Pong Yang, with only one other rough spot just past the sala (viewpoint hut) located on the edge of the shoulder of the mountain by the cell phone towers.

    As others noted, if you go straight at that 'Y' the road remains paved. You go down to Mae Pa and then either take a right to the hot springs or go left on the back road into Samoeng. Also, on the way up stop off at Wang Hang waterfall where they put up that silly eco-tourism sign.
  5. must have been you I saw then, I was with 7 dirtbikes at the gas stop.
    We went to the Mork Fa falls
  6. The road up to Nong Hoi is currently in fairly poor condition for much more than the initial 500 meters. Of course "poor condition" is subjective and depends on what you are riding. They are also in the process of adding new concrete in a few areas and you must cross over from the dirt to the newly laid concrete and back in a few places. This should be an improvement when completed. Although not difficult for a dirt bike, Pico is riding an automatic with a sidecar. As I said, I am amazed he made it at all. Having lived in the area for 25 years you know this road has gone through many transformations. The only way to find the current condition is to ride it. :thumbup:

    Alrikki; Yes, that was me. Nice to meet you :clap: .
  7. In hindsight it was foolish. I have done such foolish trips before. When I upgrade from my first two 110cc sidecars to the 600cc Silverwing, I think I mentioned it before, I felt invincible and did foolish side trips along the Burmese border. If there is break down to put a dirt bike on a pick up= no sweat. But to get a truck where I was AND loading 400kg up is another issue. Plus the minor issue for me to walk distances on such road better be a no no.

    Just a couple of months ago I had a broken beam between sidecar and bike and I had to rent a truck from Chiang Khong to ship the vehicle to CM.
    ( Joe bike's team is the only one I trust!! The guys in Chiang Khong overlooked that a 2nd beam was also about to break. Possibilty= a run away side car on the way back.)

    Not knowing where and when such road ends , and how much worse it'll get with a sidecar with only a ground clearance of 15 cm is more than foolish.
    But like a little boy after the crime I felt tremendously good because no one caught me in the act.No punishment.

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