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Discussion in 'Laos Road Trip Reports' started by Franki, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. I have gotten some good info from this site prior to my Laos trip. David was kind enough to ask me to write a trip report. As a typical Hong Kong People, I had work up to my chin and apology must be made for this late report.

    I am not much of a writer, so my story is boring. I have attached a link to my Yahoo Photos so you can look at the pictures and hopfully they will do a better job than I can."ph
  2. Hi Franki [:)]

    Enjoyed your excellent pix of Laos. I spent 2yrs on the road with my BMW R100GS/PD from Singapore to Africa ++ and thought you'd like to see a few pix on my website;
    It's always nice to see other riders continuing the global biker tradition. If you travel further I can provide you with some excellent contacts between Thailand, Europe and Africa.


    Mike [:D]

    Keep the Rubber-side down!
  3. Hay Kyle, Sorry for the late reply. I don't usually visit this site until I need to ride there again. Yap,I want to visit Southern Laos this time. To answer your question, sport bike is ok for all of the paved roads in Laos during dry season. XR250 is the best suited bike for Laos. Small roads and twisties....

    I didn't shipmy bike from HK, so I rented the XR250. It is the fastest bike of the group[:p]

    Hi Mike, When I retire, I may want to do a round the world tour. By then, don't be surprised if I ask you for advise. For the moment, I must settle for the short trip of 7-21 days.[:(]


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