My Thai Loop, Part1

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by corbay, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Day1... 11.12.2010

    After a week in Hau Hin I was gagging to get on the Bike, I had enjoyed myself and done a few thing's I hadn't done before,my wife's family came down to join us in Hau Hin


    It was nice to have them with us, Mum and Dad had never seen the Sea before..


    and I had never seen the piece of land I purchased a few years ago

    5338793469_98ba0552e5_m.[email protected]/5338793469/

    .... ....I was happy to leave my new guard dog in charge of the land..

    5339405552_fc5f06e513_m.[email protected]/5339405552/

    It was near a nice little fishing Village, never seen so much squid..



    .............. but it was time to go. The brother in law dropped me of at the Airport and I flew up to CM. The Adventure was starting, I was really looking forward to getting as far away from people as I could, seeing the sites but most of all wrestling a bike around Thailand. I'm rubbish at stopping to take pictures, but David's comments about taking some pictures along the way was still buzzing in my head, I'll try but I hate stopping.

    I booked into the Boonthavon hotel and went down the Kafe to have a look, I met David and the Kiwi Crusher, pleasant chaps's who gave me some advice and some tips, after a few drinks I headed home for the night to ready myself.The next morning .... David had given me directions to Joe's bike team and I found it no problem, sorted out all the paper work and I headed back to the Hotel ready for the off. Must admit I was a little worried about riding over here for the first time and felt some what over dressed, Safety first hey......

    It was about 10, when I finally got going and headed for the highest point in Thailand, it was cold and got even colder as I got closer to the destination but I was enjoying the roads, as I climbed up the visibility was rubbish and I was getting wet, not what I had been expecting, but being I'm from the UK I'm used to it, when I arrived at the top it was really foggy and damp, couldn't see much at all

    5338448837_26bbfb795b_m.[email protected]/5338448837/

    5338448511_7e8b05431f_m.[email protected]/5338448511/

    .....will have to go again.

    I got my picture taken and decided to get moving , the Weather was over cast with a few showers, the roads where very slippery and I decided to start looking for a Hotel, this would prove harder than I thought, eventually I found this place......

    5338772083_b692926d88_m.[email protected]/5338772083/

    5339383670_b98a115ff1_m.[email protected]/5339383670/

    Still have no idea where I was but I didn't care, they had some rooms, no AC, no hot water, it was getting dark so I took it 500bt ... Not some where I will recommend but I got fed, dried and rested and hoped for a better day tomorrow........ although the Weather was not much good, it had given me time to get used to the roads and how people where driving, I was pleasantly need to worry any more.......
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    Thanks Corbay; that was a quite a nice little adventure trip. It was good meeting you in Chiang Mai at the Kafe.

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