My trip to Laos and Cambodia begins shortly need advice.

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  1. Hi everyone,
    about a year ago I discovered this forum and it has been a huge help to me in planning my trip into Laos and Cambodia. You all have helped me choose a bike D-Tracker and Ian helped with the some accessories skid plat, rack, exhaust. David’s maps are going to come in handy. I have the bike but the registration is going to take a few weeks to get so I am going to do a few day trips to break the bike in as well as get myself use to ridding again. I am 52 in decent shape but working on getting in better shape.
    My question is traveling in Laos and Cambodia what should I carry with me? Tire patch kit etc. I am trying to make sure I don't forget something and I know many here have done what I am about to do. I have a GPS and will be getting maps for it very soon. But any practical advice would be greatly appreciated.
    I also need to know a good place to buy boots I have helmet, gloves and a jacket but need to get some boots.
    TIA, Ed
  2. Newbie section helped for boots etc. so I am good on that.
    Awesome forum, hope to be posting a report with pics soon.
  3. Hi Ed, i'm doing a similar trip starting in November. When are you heading off and how long for..? Just asked pretty much the same questions as you in another post so will check out the Newbie section for advise on boots and other gear. I've never ridden in Laos or the North of Cambodia so look forward to hearing about your experiences. Have a great, safe trip :D
  4. ... -crossings

    Ok guys check this out for a start. Me when I go to a new area. I really study the section involved in this case Laos and Cambodia. I print out things I think may be helpful an take them with me.

    Most imnportanly PM a few guys who have posted in the forum in that section. Try to make a few friends in the area that know the ropes. You wll enjoy hearing your native language from time to time, Many times they will be plannign at least parts of the ride you have in mind.

    You get in trouble the forum is as close as the nerarest internet shop.

    Good Luck
  5. Pretty darn good for shooting from the hip :D
  6. Thank everyone for the tips and advice I have been shopping for everything listed.
    Just finished a trip up north will post a report later today with pics.

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