Nam Nuen Vieng Thong Guest Houses?

Discussion in 'Laos - General Discussion Forum' started by mactbkk, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. I'm heading back up to Sam Nuea area in January, then west to Nong Khiew and down to LP. Looking at timing for guest house says.

    How about Nam Nuen, way down in that valley where Rt 6 and Rt 1C from the west join up? Any info there?

    Also Vieng Thong, old Muang Hiem. GH recomendation?


    on 4 wheels, sorry
  2. Hi Mac,

    About 6-7 km before the junction (Rd 6 with 1C) there is (was) a GH - the Nam Neun GH. Haven't stayed there so don't know about the quality. In Vieng Thong I have listed the Souksakhone GH (about 60,000 Kip) and the Dokchampha GH (a bit further to the north). Souksakhone seems to be OK (see ... t5113.html) - no idea about the Dokchampha.
  3. Saw another GH in Nam Neun (a few km south of the junction of Rd 6 with 1C. In Nam Neun just take the side road to the east (asphalt) and about 100 meters there is a GH on the north side (no name). The Nam Neun GH is west of Rd 6. Both did not look very inviting (no people around) so could not ask about prices, etc.

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