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  1. Looks like every province is trying to run a bike festival, last week end I headed down to Uttaradit for thier bike night, It was well attended by a lot of big bikes and several Vespa clubs as well which gave the event a lot of colour.
    But Nan is hosting thier first bike festival 22-23rd of October, I feel this one could be a good one to attend not only for the festival but for the ride its self, I think it costs 600 baht which gets you a beer and food with 5 bands playing.
    I intend on attending the festival and staying on an extra night to do the Doi Phuka loop again (Highly reccomended) Maybe we could put a band of GT rider die hards together and take advantage of this event to join together to do something we all enjoy "riding motor bikes"
    Let us know what you think if you want to come along.
  2. I'll go on the Nan ride. I am on a HD Dyna Sport so no road racing for me any more, and a blistering pace in Thailand is not for me.

  3. I'd certainly go, but I'm going to be in the USofA.[:(]
  4. Sounds good John. Sadly I am in Holland on my way to Saudi and will be away at that time. Are you going to dust off the Suzy? Or is it the arm chair ride for old farts?
  5. Hi John,

    Mai and I will be there - coming down from Chiang Khong. Been riding in the Nan area twice in the last three weeks and given this past rainy season, the roads are far better then over on the West side (Mae Hong Son loop areas where we were last week ). While you are in the Nan area, try Rt. 1162 which runs East out of Wiang Sa (26 klicks South of Nan). This is a blistering fast road with many many twist and turns - brand spanking new, great surface, well banked... and not a person on it!.

    And there are many other good rides for road bikes, as well as off road or GS types on this Eastern side of Northern Thailand - especially when compared to the current road conditions over on the Western side.

    David and Mai
  6. David
    Wow sounds like youve been riding & enjoying yourself, but not making any trip reports - what's the score there then?
    I just got my Africa Twin back on the road & later next week it will be run in, so I'll be ready to rock 'n roll with you guys on those "blistering fast roads." I hope you've been exercising your right wrist as I wanna see that 1150 BeeEm keep up with the 140,0000 kms old XRV750 with the new rear shock & piston rings, but same old rider....

    Keep The Power On
  7. Hi David,

    Glad to know you are almost back on the road again and no more flying...[8D] Hope you sold lots and lots of maps while in Laos.

    Most of our riding has been looking for Teak and some hard woods for building here in Chiang Khong, and also some landscaping ideas from the Doi Angkhan agricultural center, (weatehr was chilly,) so not much of a, "trip report" as such to write up. The Mae Hong Son loop just completed, was with Tom Forde and he is writing up the report as soon as he gets back to China - saving me the word processing time (THANKS Tom)[:)][:)]

    And possibly we will be on the modified 650GS for the Nan Bike stuff and can't keep up with you even when on the 1150, so now we have an excuse - of sorts - to lag behind.

    And remember, November is soon to arrive and with it some dryer weather for riding in Laos. Then it is off over to the other side of the river and up Rt.3 to Luang Nam Tha and from there up into Phongsali and the very tippy top Northern reaches of Laos. We are hoping that David Early will be joining us and since he writes such great trip reports, then maybe we can skate once again...

    Cheers from over on this side
    David and Mai
  8. Desperatly needed is that "SLAG OFF" forum for this site I mentioned some months back.
    Yes Ian the arm chair will be carrying me to Nan, just had a new cover fitted to the comfy spot, eliminating the cracks in the vinyl that would leach water onto my arse giving me the appearance that i had'nt made enough pit stops along the way, and the ride will be a ride not a race.
    How about getting a GT-RIDER banner made up we can put up at some of these events, cheap promo for your site and will give us a meeting point amongst the sea of black and denim, might even give us an identity.
  9. Hi John, I missed you in Chiangmai last week, David was kind enough to lend me his GS650, knowing that I wouldn't flog it, (not like another certain Aussy that lives in Chiangmai) . You are right this forum needs a slagging off section. I got told off once on the HU site over a certain rider in Europe concerned about his country flag for gods sake.
    Anyway I am in the process of writing up the MHS loop in the wet, I done with David and Mai, now that certainly is not a road you can presently go fast on.
    Oh ye have you ever considered how a little Thai woman gets off a tall GS650 complete with panniers and top box? With a lot of difficulty, she fell arse over tit onto the road, only her pride was hurt, now how does a fat bummed female ferang even get on the thing?

    growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional
  10. Hi David,
    What do you think the best route (i.e a ton of twisties) CM to Nan is. I was thinking either Phayao-Churi-Pong-Ban Luang or Chiang Kham-Loa Ri-Chiang Klang. Sometime back I went Lampang-Phrae-Pang Mon (in the rain) great ride as usual, but I think there has to be a better way. The problem is CM's worst five know-it-all-Rossi-wannabe's are meeting up at my gaff on Friday, each one having what they call "the superior route" in mind (this isn't including the back seat posse!). Any advise would be greatly appreciated - Thanks
  11. Tom you wrote:

    "Now how does a fat bummed female ever get on the thing?"

    Answer; by a male that doesn't know any better.

  12. Hi Jake,

    Twisties to Nan. Good question. The easist answer is ALL roads lead to Nan in one form or the other, so depending on the mood of the day, they all work. But of course Rt1148 which starts in Chiang Kham when coming from CM/Phayao is always a must at one time or the other, but it can get a bit old after a while. The road surface is still excellent though even after all the heavy rains of this past wet season - been over this route 4 times in the past three weeks... And your idea of Lampang and down around the bottom is also fun.

    Another option is from Hot. Last week when going from Mae Sariang (Burma border) to Phrae and then up to Nan, we found ourselves going through Hot. From there we went South on Rt1130 and Rt106 that runs into Rt1 at Thoen. This had many twisties and some nice scenery too - plus pretty much void of traffic.

    From Rt1 at Thoen, we went North and East up Rt1124 and connected to Rt1029 once crossing Rt11 at Mae Rang. This brought us into Phrae coming from the West.

    From Phrae up to Nan is 1 1/2 hours of some very nice riding. Up and over the mountains with lots of good roll on and roll off. A good ride for Rossie wanna look alikes as well as for those of us riding 2Up and wanting to take in the country side. Would also be good for Easy Rider John and his new seat cover, now that he's gotten rid of his racing pants.

    Time from CM to Hot to Nan via this route should be considered an all day gentle ride with lots of noodle pit stops along the way.

    See you next week. We'll be on the RT

    David and Mai
  13. So, who went and how was it???
  14. Not me, but I agree "so how was it?"

    Keep The Power On

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