Nan country music + bike week festival 14-18 January 2010

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  1. Nan country music + bike week festival 14-18 January 2010.

    Come join the "boot scootin" Gt-Riders there on the 15th. :D

  2. Ill be there on the 15th, so will David.
  3. Oh awesome! Damn, was planning on going to Nan that weekend, then heard about the MC Lobo Bike Party in Nong Khai same weekend and decided to go there, but now I hear Marco can't make it so I'm tempted to change plans again... Decisions, decisions- so many great places to ride! :mrgreen:
  4. I will go - anyone want to leave CM on Sat morning?
  5. Would love to go there but am busy in Bangkok this weekend...... :cry: .
    Buuuuuuuuut, will go there many times especially between 10th of April and 9th of May as this will be the time between old :evil: & new :lol: job.... :D :D :D .
    For those who go to Nan this week, have fun, especially on the road between Chang Muan and Nan and enjoy the party !!!!!!
    Cheers, Franz
  6. Thanks for the update Colin!

    The Bangkok Hooligans :mrgreen: will be blasting off from the Big Smoke tomorrow morning 0700 and we look forward to seeing you in Nan this weekend!

    Ride On!

  7. Anyone want to leave CM Sat morning
  8. I'm heading that way from CM late Friday morning if anyone wants to join.

  9. can anyone confirm my contact in nan's info that the main bike event will be held on the sunday....?
    by main event i mainly mean when all the PG girls will be doing their thing.

    any info appreciated, just got back from nan a couple days ago and am raring to go again. 1081 or 1148? which is better????!!!!

    p.s is it mainly a gay chopper party or will there be sportbikes aswell there?
  10. My info is the main party is on the Friday 15th, but that actually strikes me as odd, because I would "naturally" figure it to be the Saturday 16th; but then again the dates are 14 -18th.

    It would only be a gay chopper scene if you were only focused on "gay choppers", but so what.

    Luke "any info appreciated" good idea, when are we going to see a trip report from you - you must be getting tired of lurking after all these months.

    I will be heading out of Cnx tomorrow late morning. Riding in on R1091 again. PM me if you want to ride over together. Moto-Rex is in Phayao tonight & will be riding in on R1091 as well.

    8) 8) 8) 8)
  11. Woohoo! Gonna be a great weekend! See you all soon! Tony
  12. No one for Saturday from CM?
    Going alone if not
  13. We are here! Wicked fun! Watch out- the dew is slippery :shock:
  14. We are here! Wicked fun! Watch out- the dew is slippery :shock:

    Any early pictures for us who cant be there??? :cry:
  15. Cheers Marco!

    Wish you were here!

    Who needs big bikes? :wink:

    Quite the adventure ride!

    I think I'm going to call it "1243 the WRONG way!"

    Good fun, though Spud was not too happy at the time on his R1 with shagged rear tire... :oops:

    I think in this picture Bakerboy is trying to convince him not to kill me :lol:


    Ride On!

  16. 011510RidePicSm.
    Cool bikes and that road is awsome was it 1268? we usually stop with Dougal to eat that same place, she make good food and good price,,
    Btw,, i drove my Buss down to near by restaurant as well and Thais where looking they eyes open as they left they bike to the street,,,LOL (Crazy Farang)

    thanx for that and i really wish i would be there and what is in the "Menu" after 20th Jan as i'm back home then?
  17. Yes Marco- that was the 1268 along the Thai-Lao border- very cool road through some stunning valleys.
  18. Poor Spud couldn't join us on yesterday's fantastic ride-
    It's the second time he's come to Nan and been unable to ride :roll: (Last time was a broken clutch cable...
    Fortunately Bakerboy was able to get in touch with ShowPow in Bangkok and they sent a new tire up by bus that arrived last night. Now Spuds trying to find a shop here in Nan that can install the tire on a Sunday morning...
    Ha ha! Wonder what time we'll get back to Bangkok :lol:
  19. Man that is one worn out tyre,, what happend,, or just riding hard with "slick tyre"
  20. Great pics Colin!

    Was great to finally meet you.

    Who's going to be the first to post a picture of my little mishap on Friday night??? Ha ha ha ha!!! :mrgreen:

    Ride On!

  21. MISHAB :eek: :shock: :wink:

    Where, what,why?

    Im intrested to see 55555
  22. Well it was called the Nan Country Music & Biker Festival, and the emphasis seemed to be on the "Country" Music aspect with the Bikes second.
    Different it was, but none of this was negative & I positively enjoyed myself all weekend such that I'll be back for sure at the next one.







    The whip cracking cowgirls were something to behold & watch


    Captain Slash with a small measure of shandy!

    The cowgirls dismounted from the stage & joined the GT Rider table. 8) 8)

    Moto-Rex was highly impressed
    when it was revealed they were Chinese students studying in Chiang Mai (at an undisclosed college. :wink:)

    The Leo babes were also impressive


    Enough to drive a man to drink
    766548635_ydKJj-M. 766548604_NvocC-M.

    But not to forget the variety of bikes present

    And spectators

    An interesting side stand

    Tony practising to go home

    But he didn't practice enough to get out of the car park :? :? :? :?
    the moral of the story - watch out for the mud under the grass (if you can.)
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    It was a pleasure meeting up in Nan with you guys: Tony, Tony, Gerhard, Slash & Moto-Rex. Thanks one & all.

    The Nan Country Music & Biker Festival was indeed an extremely pleasant change to the regular noisy bike festivals. Well done Nan! 8) 8)
  23. NOW,, im really sad that i was NOT there,, but i try my best to be for next one,,,,
    Darn it looks good i so many "Towers" to empty...5555
  24. Missed a couple....

    The beer drinking contest for the girls

    Happy spectators

    The next morning - "brekky."

    A real breakfast at the Hot Bread in Nan.
    At last a good breakfast in Nan - 3 cheers for Hot Bread!!!
    GPS Waypoint: N18 46.519 E100 46.180.

    The lads about to hit the road home.




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