Nan-mae Charim-santisuk-nan On A ..... Bicycle


Mar 18, 2013
Of the short loops in Nan (under 100km) this is my favourite. Nan, over the bridge and up in to the mountains to Mae Charim. Continue on 1225 to Santisuk and return to Nan via the amazing 1168. Vinding and undulating roads perfect for any motorcycle. About 2h and 90km with a coffee stop in Santisuk.
But this report is from a rock hard bicycle seat. Have done it several time before and today I broke 5 hours for the first time.
2017-07-23 Bicycle 1.jpg

All bikes needs fuel so I loaded up for 25 bath in Bananas.
2017-07-23 Bicycle 2.jpg

Over night rain had stopped and the skies cleared up. About 7pm in the morning.

2017-07-23 Bicycle 3.jpg

The rice paddies along 1169 is green and lush after all the rain lately.

2017-07-23 Bicycle 4.jpg

Entrance to Harry's "Teak & Coctail lounge". I guess not open at this early hours of a Sunday morning.

2017-07-23 Bicycle 5.jpg

And here the real climb starts. 1169 is not so hard to ride on a bicycle despite the climb. It's very undulating so you can catch your breath frequently.

2017-07-23 Bicycle 6.jpg

Just under 2 hours to 1225 and first fuel stop. 4 bananas in a pit stop a F1 team would approve of.

2017-07-23 Bicycle 7.jpg

About halfway mark.

2017-07-23 Bicycle 8.jpg

Santisuk and about 2/3 done. Saved on the bananas so no need to waste time on a pit stop. Slowed down and waied to the noodle-lady and shouted "mai mi vela". Got a smile in return. But then she is a 'Perma smiler'.

2017-07-23 Bicycle 9.jpg

A hard 30 min climb separated me from the home stretch. New PR on this climb today.

2017-07-23 Bicycle 10.jpg

With all the calories wasted today I will need a large pizza and a barrel of beer tonight.

2017-07-23 Bicycle 12.png

Some stats from the ride. I work very hard to maintain max speed on the flats and uphills. So far it eludes me. Open for suggestions here!
Oil pressure seams to be within acceptable range. But a large waste of calories, me think.

2017-07-23 Bicycle 11.png

On a bicycle there is time to notice many things as you ride along. New trails, tons of nuts&bolts along the road. All kind of dogs, and trying to guess what kind of snake it was before being flattened by a car.
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Mar 18, 2013
Ianyonok. You running at the peaks like a mountain goat so I had to come up with something. :):):)