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    Reposting a missing thread

    Suriyapong Road. GPS Waypoint: N18 46.519 E100 46.
    Home baked bread, shortbread, cakes, fresh coffee, Teas – Earl Grey +, delicious breakfasts. Vegetarian food. Good English spoken.


    MotoRex is back to Oz & wanted to make sure he got a good brekky: the best omelette in the world, for breakfast at home. So into the Hot Bread kitchen for a lesson.

    and how good does it get


    for some the Hot Bread breakfast is the best on the planet.

    Don’t miss out when you’re in Nan!

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  3. DavidFL

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    Khun Rang Pub & Restaurant
    the adult pub & restaurant in Nan.
    Lots of police / govt officials come here to eat & drink & relax.

    Good atmosphere

    Good country / songs for life music
    including Hotel California. Ho Hum. But it must be S E Asia’s “International Anthem.” Every band can play it!
    Good inexpensive food


    Plus attentive service from the twins.
    (not wearing the same shoes on the night guys.)

    Approximate waypoint: N18 48.302 E100 46.642
    But it is the last place on the left heading North on R1080, out passed the airport. After all the sleezy karaokes on the right hand side heading out.

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  4. DavidFL

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    riverside & possibly the best food & setting in Nan; or at least one of the most if not the, popular wining & dining establishment on the river.
    GPS Waypoint: N18 46.690 E100 46.928



    Tip, the Good View slightly upstream from the Terrace has crap service & poor food.
    The Terrace is a winner every time.

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  5. Oddvar

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    Nan Steak House has moved about 500m downstream. (Across from a playground. Parking on either side)
    The menu has changed a bit, and a healthy wine collection has been added. OSM will be updated.
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  6. Oddvar

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    Nan Steak House will be closed every Wednesday. Ingemar asked me to pass this info around.
  7. DavidFL

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    Aha. What was sign posted as the Terrace was actually the Sanian.
    Now the Sanian has moved straight across the river, due to parking problems for customers so I understand.
    (Oddvar please correct me if need be,)

    The new look Sanian is massive & still has good food & service, plus a superb view.
    GTR - IMG_2406.JPG

    GTR - IMG_2407.JPG
  8. Oddvar

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    Yes, they did. Just updated OSM. (Will appear in a few hours)
    Food is supposed to be just as good as it usual is at Sanian.
    N18.77835° E100.78375°
    Screenshot 2017-07-27_07-54-08.

    Picture from across the river.
    GT-R 2017-07-27 Sanian restaurant Nan.
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  9. DavidFL

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    Nan Art Cafe
    GTR - IMG_2415.JPG

    A cool smart new aircon cafe with an art gallery upstairs.

    GTR - IMG_2409.JPG

    GTR - IMG_2414.JPG
    A good place to either get out of the heat or the rain.
    Sometimes open cafes are a bit hot, or if its raining, its nice to be well protected for getting drenched in a downpour.
    The Nan Art Cafe is conveniently located on the corner with the traffic lights, just down from the Dheveraj Hotel &/or the road across the bridge.
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    What has happened to Tony’s place? It is deserted. Last was there Dec 2015 and was looking forward to her spicy pizza.
  11. Oddvar

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    A "little" bar/restaurant guide for Nan.
    Nan by night.
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