Dec 13, 2003
Just came back from a 4 day tour. I used my Yamaha Vmax and my friend rented a Honda Steed 600 at Jaguar on Moon Muang, good bike.
Day 1: Chiang Mai to Phayao to Nan. Stayed in Devaraj Hotel.
Day 2: Nan-Santisuk-Doi Phukha National Park-Pua-Chiang Kham. We stayed in Chiang Kham Garden, 450 baht for a good room.
Day 3: Chiang Kham-Phu Chi Fa-Doi Pa Thang-Thoeng-Chiang Rai
Day 4 : Back to Chiang Mai

Nan province is by far the best biking I did, better than the Mar Hong Son Loop. Good roads, hardly any traffic. Apparently after arriving in Doi Pa Thang we should have turned right at the T, but we went left. Difficult descend on a Vmax, a lot of loose sand on the road, very slippery sometimes. On the Berndson/Berndson map this road is a secondary paved road, but it is not.


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
The Pha Tang descent to route 1155 is a good one isn't it?
If you took the short very steep rutted way down & did not drop the V-Max then I'm impressed, as it can be tough, and its always harder going down than up.
Re the B&B Map showing the road as a secondary paved one - well it is most of the way & time. As you know road conditions vary according to local conditions & highways dept. budgets, and sometimes the roads can & do deteriorate. The Pha Tang hill does need some serious work & it will be real interesting to see them doing it, as it is one hell of a very steep winding hill. In fact, it's as steep as they get & certainly compares to then Doi Ang Khang roads.
How did you get up to Phu Chi Fah from Chiang Kham - the long way via Huak or the short cut from route 1155?
And, what about the Doi Phukha roads - how did you find the road conditions here - any news?
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Dec 13, 2003
I indeed managed to descend without falling of. From Chiang Kham we drove north and after about 15 km there is a big sign to Phu Chi Fa, I do not remember the number of that road. All the way to the top good but from Phu Chi Fa to Doi Pa Thang there are a few places unpaved with a lot of stones.
Road conditions in Doi Phukha are quite good. Nan-Santisuk-Bo Klua is excellent. After turning left to the National park still good but after the viewpoint a few unpaved parts. After Pua via Song Kwae to Chiang Kham, also good roads.