National Highway 14C

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    Really hope this link works:,107.571945&fp=12.3183565,107.315374,13.7749625,107.602097;X%E3%20Qu%u1EA3ng%20Tr%u1EF1c%2C%20Huy%u1EC7n%20Tuy%20%u0110%u1EE9c%2C%20T%u1EC9nh%20%u0110%u1EAFk%20N%F4ng,X%E3%20Ia%20Dom%2C%20Huy%u1EC7n%20%u0110%u1EE9c%20C%u01A1%2C%20T%u1EC9nh%20Gia%20Lai;1;1

    Has anyone driven on this part of highway 14C before? Should the link not work, I'm talking about from where it starts in Đắk Nông Province up to where it meets highway 19 at the Lệ Thanh / O Yadao border with Cambodia (near Pleiku) in Gia Lai province. The road follows the Cambodian border all the way and looks pretty interesting on the map.

    Should anyone have been along this road:

    1. Were there any troubles with border guards etc?
    2. Are there petrol stations along the route?
    3. Are there places to stop for supplies? lunch/water/ a guesthouse if desperate.
    4. Are there any guesthouses near the Lệ Thanh / O Yadao border?

    Sidenote - I find excellent for route planning in VN.

    Many thanks!

    I've also posted the same question on thorntree, if I get any response I will update this thread.
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    Hi there.
    I had traveled that route once in the year 2009.
    The road quality is ok for touring bikes.
    But sometimes it looks like this:

    I am not so sure on petrol station, but for sure, they are available along that road. Just only the small suppliers such as the people buying from the center then bring back to sell at their front yard. However, not too worry about the price and gas quality. Of course it would be more expensive and may be 0.8liters = 01 liter. But it's ok anyway, especially for the long distance and adventure riders.
    The only issue I can foresee here is the Security check, if you are not Vietnamese, or not being escorted by Vietnamese.
    You may be requested to show up your personal ID/Passport/verification/confirmation, etc.... If not satisfy, I dont know what would happen then....


    So, recommendation is you should have someone is Vietnamese to go with you to clear the Security issues.
    Good luck!

    (photo by Bkav_hcm)
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    Have been waiting on an update from you....
    I am planning to ride 14C in October. My agent (I'll be riding alone/not with a guide) says its 'OK', no permit required. What's your experience/advice?
    Vietbando looks a useful site (tks for the lead).

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