Nature Trail - Khun Chae National Park

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  1. While riding around, if you have time and a change of clothes, most National Parks have a Nature Trail, so you can escape into cool refreshing nature for a little while.

    The Khun Chae NP headquarters is right next to highway 118 and they have a 2 klm nature trail there, "The Gurgling Trail", so named due to a water supply pipe under part of the trail.

    It is best to take a photo of the trail map before you start walking, so you know what points of interest to look for. I always take the GPS unit with me too.
    2017-09-19 09.00.04.

    A steady walk up into the forest and away from the road noise.
    2017-09-19 09.05.46.

    Mushrooms everywhere at this time of year. I saw a local guy collecting some orange specimens.
    2017-09-19 09.08.25.
    2017-09-19 09.11.41.
    2017-09-19 09.31.16. 2017-09-19 09.33.42. 2017-09-19 09.41.15. The trails tend to be a bit overgrown during and just after the rainy season, before the rangers clear them for the tourist season.

    After a steady half hour walk up and around the mountain, the trail dropped to follow alongside a small river.
    2017-09-19 09.45.36.
    I crossed the river and back again a couple of times.
    2017-09-19 09.51.46.
    Just beautiful and cool in there. 2017-09-19 09.51.50. These are the mushies that are edible.... not that I tested any......
    2017-09-19 09.57.51.
    A view of Doi Mot, across the road to the northwest. While at the park HQ, I got all the info for doing the 2 day, 1 night hike up this 1700m peak and hope to do that in December. 2017-09-19 10.01.27. 2017-09-19 10.08.33. Sweat bees who had made a nest in this tree growth.
    2017-09-19 10.09.07. 2017-09-19 10.10.22.
    This was an easy nature trail hike. Plus a good excuse to ride 8klms north and get in a natural hot spring bath for half an hour at Mae Kachan Hot Springs.
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  2. Nice one. I shall start calling you the GTR roving nature rider.

    Now if my knee holds up ok & keeps improving, I may join you one day.

    I once used to do trekking when I first came, but most people would not believe that.
  3. As I recall, back in the eighties, people who went trekking were heading up to hill tribe villages to smoke opium....... hahaha.
  4. Á nice place , next door :) ... even possibilities to spend a night on the premices. Thank you for highlighting this trail. Great to have some enticing pictures .
  5. A couple of years back, and after a healthy bf at the X centre I came through part of Khun Chae NP. Even in light rain it was a beautiful ride. A couple of river crossings in the middle part. Small bridges for scooters.


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