Need a _competent_ Pattaya electrician for my bike

Discussion in 'Technical' started by cdrw, May 25, 2014.

  1. cdrw

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    I've an old '01 BMW F650GS and the POS/NEG wires to the battery became co-mingled
    while disconnected and just prior to installing a new battery.

    I need a competent Pattaya electrician to sort out the correct battery connections. I'd checked the
    wires with my multimeter but was getting some differing readings, hence I want a professional
    to troubleshoot the connections as well as simplify the existing ring connectors to avoid any
    future problem. The electrician would need to come to the bikes' So. Pattaya location.
    The wiring does not have the original OEM marking, due to changes/patches made by previous owners.

    Yes, I'm very embarrassed that this even happened!

    Any referrals will be greatly appreciated!!
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  3. Poompui

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    Best (and safest) way would be to disconnect the battery,and make sure nothing is turned on,switch the multimeter to the ohms setting (resistance).put one lead to a good solid earth point on the frame,and test each of the battery leads....the one which reads the lowest (should be less than .5 ohm will be the negative connection to the battery.
  4. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    Thanks for the input...all is okay now!

    I was initially getting conflicting reading from the multimeter
    and was concerned that I might fry the VR or stator.
    All is now good and the POS wires are now painted red
    so I don't have this problem again ;-)

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