Need a stereo CD player from the USA

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  1. Apologies to all, but Im sneaking this one on the forum

    The old GT Rider Pioneer 25 Cd player was finally bitten the dust & is non reparable, after 2 months jerking around between 3 shops in Chiang Mai & 1 in Bangkok.
    So I'm in need of a new multi-CD player.
    There's nothing suitable available in Thailand from what I can gather, and the best available is in the USA.

    What I'm after
    Pioneer PD-F1009 301-Disc CD-File Changer
    yep that's right a 300CD player & IMHO excellent value for money at around US$250-US$300.
    I just need to get it here.
    Weight is approx 16 lbs / 8 kgs, & postage shipping should be another US$50 & I'd like to avoid that.
    The duty should be 70% also & is charged on the value + shipping so I'd like to avoid that as well.

    So do we have any kind riders coming from the USA in the near future who would be prepared to carry over a nice new CD player for me, the fat old grey haired balding one. :)
    If YES, please PM or email me.

    On Pioneer USA it is here ... Kuro?tab=B

    On amazon it is here ... B6VOIUC0D4

    A huge thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  2. David,

    I would certainly bring one over if I was coming this year, but I am not. Not aware of your computing setup, but have you considered ripping your CD collection to hard drive? If you rip the disks at 192K bitrate and have a decent sound card with optical/digital output to your receiver or preamp etc, I find the sound quality to be indistinguishable from direct CD. But my ears aren't what they used to be, so YMMV. I find that my CD collection just gathers dust now that I can just create playlists and send to the stereo. Anyway, just an option to consider.
  3. Funny how it goes.
    I finally picked up the machine one more time from the last - 4th- & final repair shop.
    Took it home & reconnected it to test either the radio / cassette player / random track cd player, which were all working before it went off to the 1st shop 2 months ago.


    now absolutely nothing works! :shock:

    Words cannot express my "disappointment." :wtf:

    In 48 hrs a new player will be mail ordered from the US of A.

    Thanks for all the input - on & off the forum. :thumbup:
  4. Wow they still make those? You do know that there are MP3 players the size of your thumb now, that can hold way more than 300 ripped CD's?
    CD's do eventually become unplayable, due to internal oxidization, so ripping them is not that bad idea.
  5. Tom
    They sure do still make them, but I fear they are being phased out /superseded.
    IMHO the real sound / fidelity from a CD is still way better than from a MP3 player, especially when played through a good set of speakers & you crank up the volume.
    Ancient it maybe, but that's what I want, & I do concede that eventually it will all be ripped MP3-4.
  6. Hey David,
    indeed, your ears don't deceive you, even at your age :wtf: . Since the MPEG formats specify a lossy compression all the bit rates throw away something, not to mention the occasional peculiar audio artifact that arises from 'difficult' to encode sounds; like birdsong, for example.

    CDs, I think, easily wins on fidelity and tolerance to errors but MPEG wins on features. So for me, it's CDs for home and MPEG for travelling.

    Jim (monoplex)
  7. US$150 shipping. Ouch! Locked in now. Ho. Ho.
  8. Arrived in the mail. 3,180 baht duty. Quite acceptable.
  9. Finally, after many months it is in full operation. Today I picked up a Musical Fidelity amp, 2nd hand from KSK for 10,000 baht & we are back in business.
    Van Morrison Slim Slow Rider is soothingly filling the room with gorgeous sound.
  10. I was just about ready to ask what kind of music you like but you just answered. I may have to come have a beer and and check out your new system.
  11. Musical Fidelity makes fine stuff but hard to find over here. To pick one up for 10000 BHT is a great find. What model?
  12. Musical Fidelity B1 Integrated Amp.
  13. CDs are a thing of the past - I don't know how many of them things I threw away because they were scratched or full of fungus caught during rainy season or simply wouldn't open anymore. Music, photos, data lost.
    Now everything is digitally on my computer. Movies, music, thousands of photos which also can be stored elsewhere, retrievable in case my computer gets stolen.
    I've downloaded hundreds of movies, all I need are external HDs instead of bulky DVD players; no TV necessary, spent the money on a big monitor instead. Music I downloaded only high quality, 256 or 320kbps, one song is on average 10MB, or FLAC, where one song uses 30MB - that's all the quality I need! Instead of an amplifier with CD player I spent my money on a good speaker system for the computer; 2 satellites and a long-throw subwoofer from Altec Lansing - best sound system I've had in a long time! Cost only around 6,500THB. If you're looking for a system that can be heard quite well all over a two-storey house, get the Altec Lansing MX 5021, or some newer model, I can only recommend it!
    In case a friend likes a movie or music or some pics I took I can burn a CD or print out the photos. Convenient!
    Save money and space - go digital!
  14. I agree that CD's are a pain but I have found that the old ones that were recorded prior to the massive compression used today sound amazing on modern DVD or Blu-Ray players. Peter Gabriel's "So" or Robert Plant's "Now and Zen" are such examples of pristine recordings of a bygone era. I just finished setting up my theater room and I must say I spend far too much time there of late. The wife feels a bit neglected, the poor dear.

    Panasonic HD 1080P projector onto 103" screen, Velodyne 15" 1000W sub, Infinity MMD loudspeakers front/center,side, and rear for 7.1 surround, Denon DVD/SACD, LG Blu-Ray, B&K AVR507 Receiver

    Bar area off to the side still a work in progress :(


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