Need GPS for Death Hwy?

Discussion in 'Cambodia - General Discussion Forum' started by kanuck, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. kanuck

    kanuck New Member

    I'll be taking a bike to the NE in 2 weeks and just wondering if a GPS is absolutely necessary. Mainly concerned for staying on the right track between Sen Monorom and Banlung. I already own a GPS, but its 1800km away so can't bring it on my trip... not wanting to buy a second one! I'll buy another if I have too, but hoping its not really needed.

    Is it possible to rent one from one of the bike shops???
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  3. burn jr

    burn jr Member

    death highway is nice of road u can entre from monokiri to RAtnakiri..dusty road in febuary to early may and muddy road from june to december end.have nice ride brothers..

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