Need Guest house info for Mae Hong Son

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  1. I checked the thread not much ther fo Mae Hong Son. I loaned my Gtriders map to someone and never saw it agian :lol:

    The places we stayed before are full the 7 th & 8th, sound busy tome so conatct info would help.
  2. Ray

    Don't know where you stayed last time, but..

    My fave is the Piya Tel 053 611260

    Another handy one close by is

    Palm House Tel 053 614022 ... g_Son.html ... n/all/1835

    Next to the Palm is the Rom Thai
  3. Thanks David I need some new maps you going to be around during Chiang Mia Bike week?

    Thanks Capt I will book mark that.
  4. Well David has signed up to go to the BBQ at the XCentre on Saturday, so you should catch him there. Pretty sure the X Centre also has the maps, as does Mr Mechanic bike shop next to the Kafe
  5. Hi Ray,

    This was recommended to me. I'll be there next week!

    Pana huts
    293/9 m.11 Pangmoo
    Mueng Maehongson Thailand
    053-614331 086-7728502 086-9117778


  6. As DFL has said Piya GH right on the lake.
    Nang their manager is incredibly helpful, rooms clean & comfortable.
    I believe RH stayed at Pana having ridden past Piya
    when they were doing construction.
    He wasn't that impressed [Panna].
    This was some months ago so would recommend Piya GH
    unless the construction has not finished.
  7. Thanks Guys, I think Eagle GPS has the maps if I miss David. I wAnt to update my GPS maps anyway.

    If we get in in time I will call and try to find out where the X Center is.
  8. Ray

    Best call Eagle first and check if Maurizey is in if you want help with your GPS.
    He's the best in the biz but not always in the shop.

    GT Maps can be bought there but also at places like Tony Big Bikes[Pikey], Joe's or Mr Mechanic.
    X Centre easy to find heading north out of town to Mae Rim.
    See their website for details.

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