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Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by psandee, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. psandee

    psandee Member

    I along with 4 more friends are planning for Thailand trip. We want to hire bikes from Bangkok and start our ride.

    So am looking for some suggestions in picking out good bikes for our ride. I can pay around 6,000- 7,000 baht for a 250cc or a 500cc motorcycle. Am basically looking for a Honda CB 500F or a CBR 500R if at all possible. Please help me with this.

    I have got few more doubts in route planning and regarding stay ll put them forward one by one.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

  4. psandee

    psandee Member

    Thank you Sir for providing me information.

    But Asiaridingadventure people offer guided tours which i dont prefer. I have a plan of my own and planning to cover around 3000kms in 9days so i want to hire a bike and ride on my own. So looking for such bike rentals.

    Checked with BBR they have a stupid policy which says that in 7days we have to only cover 1800Kms which is totally useless.

    Can you please suggest me more options !
  5. psandee

    psandee Member

    But Asiaridingadventure people offer guided tours which i dont prefer. I have a plan of my own and planning to cover around 3000kms in 9days so i want to hire a bike and ride on my own. So looking for such bike rentals.

    Checked with BBR they have a stupid policy which says that in 7days we have to only cover 1800Kms which is totally useless.

    Can you please suggest me more options !
  6. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    The sensible thing to do then is fly into Chiang Mai & start from there.
    Rent & ride from Chiang Mai where all the bike shops & loops are.
  7. psandee

    psandee Member

    Sir, But i have booked my air tickets to Bangkok.

    My plan is as follows :- Bangkok - Kanchanaburi (Erawan Falls ) & (Tiger Temple ) - Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son - Tha Ton - Nan - Sukhothai - Pattaya - Bangkok
  8. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Bangkok- Chiang Mai = 55 minutes on the plane.
    Buy another return plane ticket. Cheap & easy.
    It is as cheap to fly Bangkok - Chiang Mai as it is to ride.
  9. psandee

    psandee Member

    Now that you have suggested me to Fly to Chiang Mai from Bangkok ll follow that Sir.

    Sir, can u help me with some bike rentals links from Chiang Mai!. I have read some threads from where people reported theft of bikes, so wanted to take ur advice in picking up rental shop.

    Initially while searching for bike rentals in Bangkok came across BBR and Asianridingadventure where i felt they were charging more money for the bikes and apart from that they have policies that one has to travel only upto 1800Kms in 7days & they are charging around 10Baht per Km after 1800Kms which i felt very costly. So are these the same policies even in Chiang Mai !

    Even i heard that the Insurance policies doesn't cover if we cross Chiang Mai provision ! is this true ?
  10. Deano747

    Deano747 Ol'Timer

    Just a suggestion if I may. 3000 Km's in 9 days seems like a lot of riding. I do trips there every year or so, and I achieve around 2,500 Km's in 12 days on road on 650cc bikes. I plan an average of 50 km / hour for the riding and try and keep the days under 250 Km's. That gives time for sightseeing and just sitting and talking to the people.

    Also for your 6 to 7,000 Baht for your motorcycle, that is around 800 Baht a day, you are not going to get a 500 cc machine, and you will not be able to do the sorts of distances you need to achieve your 3000 Km's. I am sorry to tell you this.

    For example, my group this November will be riding Versys at 1,500 Baht a day going from Chiang Mai for 2 days, then Chiang Dao, then Pai, then Mae Hong Son, then Mae Sariang, then Lumpang, then Nan for 2 days, then Thoeng, then Mae Sai, then Tha Ton, then back to chiang Mai for 2 days. 13 days all up and about 2600 Km's. I only have 1 day more than 300 Km's, and only about 3 more than 250 Km's.

    There is so much to do and see every place you stop, I feel that you will miss some of the experience. If you reason to visit Kanachaburi is just for the Tiger Temple, I have been there 3 times and it is now very tourist and structured. There are Tiger parks near Chiang Mai but I haven't been there so don't know what they are like, perhaps someone here can comment on them?

    Good luck anyway with your trip.
  11. psandee

    psandee Member

    Hello Sir,I respect your suggestions . In that 3000kms the distance from Chiang mai - Bangkok is around 700kms which we are planning to do in 1day and even the return trip from Bangkok to Chiang mai we r planning to do in 1day.. SO out of 3000kms there only 1400kms we r completing. Even my plan is also to enjoy more of north.Even am planning my trip from November 1st till 9th.In Kanachaburi my main purpose is to visit Eraean falls. As tiger temple os around 55kms from there planning to visit that also.
  12. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    "Even my plan is also to enjoy more of north."

    Bangkok - Chiang Mai - Bangkok = 2 days + 1400 kms rice paddies.
    + a day in Bangkok getting organised = 3 days, wasted.
    Fly into Chiang Mai in 55 minutes from Bangkok & be on the road in the mountains in a couple of hours.
    That's top value for money & use of your time.
    It sounds like youve got a Genghis Khan plan to conquer Thailand by motorbike in one hit in 8 days.
    Best to take your time & spend it in one area, see what there is to see, then next trip come back & do another area.
    It is a common mistake to try & see / do too much in one time, especially the first time.
    The end result being you realize after that you've only just scratched the surface & want to go back to the same places because you missed so much trying to do too much.

    Take a look here!
  13. guichard

    guichard Ol'Timer

    Namaste Mister Psandee,
    Follow David's advice. Northern Thailand has everything to offer to a demanding biker.
    You'll save 2 days of boring riding between BKK and CNX.
    Waterfalls,mountains,ricefields,temples,good winding roads,waiting for you.
    I discovered Northern Thailand in 1962 and still fly over from France every year to enjoy.
    Cheers and have a good vacation.
    Lung Jacques.
  14. psandee

    psandee Member

    Sure Sir. I have reconsidered my plan now.
  15. psandee

    psandee Member

    Sir, i have reconsidered my plan. I will be booking ticket to Chiang Mai . Now i need your suggestions and help in fixing my itinerary. Hope you don't mind it !

    I will be travelling from India - Bangkok on 31st October evening and will land in Bangkok on November 1st morning at around 3AM and i will take a flight to Chiang mai and ll be in Chiang Mai by around 7AM.

    So what i thought was to spend 6days in North ( Nov 1st to 6th ) then Fly to Bangkok on Nov 7th and spend there till Nov 9th and return back to India on Nov 9th. or i can even spend from Nov 1st to Nov 7th in North then fly to Bangkok on 8th .

    I want to take your help in planning my Itinerary in North. Can you please give me some places for the 6 days or 7days of North trip !

    Thank You.
  16. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    An itineray

    North Thailand Trip Planner outline.
    Start with the Mae Hong Son Loop, then move onto the Golden Triangle Lop / Laos Border run.

    Check out the links for local up-country attractions shown.
    More than enough info for 2-3 weeks riding & sight seeing.
    Good luck & let us know how you go with a nice trip report.
  17. psandee

    psandee Member

    Sir, Thanks for the link. Will follow it up.

    Want to know if you have any information regarding Driving license. One of my friend has done his Thailand trip last year and has told me that Indian license is more than sufficient for riding in Thailand but while searching in Google, few people mentioned that we need an International driving license. If you have any information can you please put it up here.
  18. satya_3d

    satya_3d New Member

    Namaste!! to all fellow bikers, i am satya from India and will accompany sandeep.
    it is good to be a part of GTrider. hope we make our trip memorable with all your love and support.

  19. psandee

    psandee Member

    Hello Sir,

    Have talked to Mr Mechanic over email regarding the bike rental. He asked us to pay 10,000 baht as deposit instead of passport. So, want to know if he has caused any problem to anyone by not returning the deposit money back.

    In Lonely Planet few people mentioned that Mr Mechanic doesn't maintain his bikes properly , am not sure how far this is true ! So wanted to ask you about the same.
  20. jsbkk

    jsbkk Ol'Timer

    Hi Sandeep, sent you a PM. Send me your email contact. will be glad to help.
  21. psandee

    psandee Member

    Hi buddy, [email protected] is my email id.
  22. Johpa

    Johpa Ol'Timer

    I have rented from most of the major rental agencies listed on this site and never had issues with any of them. But do remember that these are rental bikes and are not kept in as fine tune as you would keep your own machine. Always spend the first day of the rental riding near the town, such as the Samoeng loop, to make sure you are happy with the rental bike before you depart on the longer journey. And sometimes, given the nature of rental bikes, it is just as easy to take the bike into a shop yourself for a minor tuneup.
  23. psandee

    psandee Member

    Sure will keep it in mind . Thanks for your valuable inputs.
  24. blackb15

    blackb15 Ol'Timer

    I have been coming to Thailand and hiring a bike in many different locations including bangkok for many years I would follow David's advice ,I did and it was correct ,take your time enjoy the country and people ,riding through and out of bangkok is not fun.The easiest and the place with the best road near bye is Chang Mai .i hired from mr mechanic twice and left a deposit I had no problem .I hope that helps .I hope to be in Chaing Mai and hiring and riding from around the 13th November this year and hope to meet up with some of the site contributors.
    Safe riding
  25. psandee

    psandee Member

    Thank you sir :)

  26. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    How was it - any good?

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