Need KLX gearing advice

Discussion in 'Technical' started by FrankT, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. I have a 2011 Kawasaki KLX and have following questions:

    1) what is the standard gearing front/rear?
    2) If I want better accellaration but still decent top speed what gearing front/rear should I go for?

    Pleased to hear.

  2. well stock is 1442 if my bike came out stock. and i would reccomend 50 tooth rear if you want to do some serious offroading and still be able to hit 108 kmph (by gps) but much more common is just drop one tooth on front (so go 1342, but i've been happy with 4250 for a while but now i even more happy with stock (just burning out clutch faster when out in woods)
  3. I started with 13/42 as you can use the standard chain with this combination. This gearing is much better than standard. After it was time to change a new chain, I went for 13/45 which is very good for both off and on the road. It really improved the bike a lot. With this gearing you can pull full rpm with every gear, do second gear wheelies and still the rpm at cruising with 80-90kph is not too high. 13/45 should be about the same as 14/48 in case you just change the rear sprocket. For off road only, the rear sprocket can be even bigger like Naz commented.

    I also use 100/100 mx rear tire instead of the more common 110/100. 100/100 gives slightly smaller diameter and is also more lightweight compared to 110/100 and it seems to help the off road performance.
  4. Hi Maha

    nice advice both for gearing and wheels, but i was just wondering what mx tyres you using? local choice or some branded thing?
  5. I'm using branded tires. I have used both Dunlop Geomax MX51 and Bridgestone M604. I get them from Chinatown in Bangkok and usually they are about 4kthb for a pair (front+back). Very happy with these two, both of them give very good traction when new. If I have to choose one, Bridgestone is slightly better. Mainly because of the front tire performance after it wears down, Dunlop tends to start to push when it wears down and you cannot trust the front end 100%. You can compensate this by lowering the tire pressure, but then the danger is getting a pinch puncture (which happened to me before).
  6. thanks, will take a usefull note

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