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Discussion in 'Technical' started by cdrw, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. cdrw

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    On bike trips, I'd been carrying the pictured bicycle air pump, along with my tools [don't worked!]
    Fortunately, I've never had a flat (yet..knock wood!), and have used the pump only at home, but it has now ceased to work.
    I need a new air pump, preferrably one that is less bulky.
    Not interested in using expensive air cartridges; I've looked for a decent Zefal but have only found
    a knock-off copy sold under the Giant bicycle brand. While the bike dealer claimed it's only for
    bicycle tires, I do know that some bike tires [sew-up tires] require 120-psi for full inflation.
    I'm open to suggestions on where to find a relatively inexpensive alternative.
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  3. Deano747

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  4. cdrw

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    Thanks for the post, backdoorphil...

    Long ago I'd read about your suggestion on webBikeWorld...but had forgotten!

    I bought a pump for 299-Bt, on sale at Big-C; same pump was not on sale at Tesco.
    In just a few minutes, the case was removed [5-screws] and the pump was placed in a
    plastic food container I had on-hand.
    No need to remove the hose or epoxy a bolt, nor did I shorten either the air hose or
    electrical wires as all fit in the container....which measures 6"tall/4"diameter

    Pump & packaging:
    Pump removed from the case:
    Fits nicely in a food storage container I had; it's much smaller than my old pump!

    Next week I'll add an electrical socket to my Suzuki dirt-bike.
    I tested the pump on my BMW's power socket and it works fine.
    Next question is will this _cheapie_ pump work a second time... :)

  5. TonyBKK

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    Awesome! A mate saved me on last weeks ride with his fancy little $100 pump from the USA and I was hoping to find a cheaper local alternative. This is it! I'm off to Big C right away to get me one of these right away! Cheers! Tony :lol-sign:
  6. Fishenough

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    Cdrw, I bought the same air pump two years ago and have used it often for trucks, bicycles and bikes; but the wiring is crap. I had to re solder the aux plug twice before buying a sturdier 50 B replacement plug. If I was to use the original plug maybe re solder the connections inside the plug and add some heat shrink to reinforce it.

    Bought a second one B4 a trip this August and removed the aux plug to add battery clips, and since have used it on the truck as it adds 10 psi to a truck tire faster than the original pump.
  7. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    The downside...

    Fine, I saved a few baht purchasing the air pump...
    Then, I spend today looking for a 12vDC power socket.
    I visited numerous car dealers, electrical shops and building supply centers.
    While some had power sockets, none had a waterproof socket which I need for my dirt bike.
    Finally, I went to a few marine supply shops; the 4th one visited had what I needed...for 430-Bt

    The inexpensive pump doesn't seem so cheap now... :lol:

    Fishenough: I'll heed your advice and re-solder. thanks
  8. Noel Akers

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    If your bike seat flips off easily to give battery access .....why not just attach a couple of alligator clips to the pump lead ( if you have some lying around ) and save buying the socket ? You then have the versatility of being able to use any battery.
  9. TonyBKK

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    I went to BigC, bought a cheapie 600 Baht automotive air pump (looks like the same one cdrw got but it wasn't on sale), took it apart, cut off the cigarette lighter plug, soldered on some little alligator clips and voila-
    Tested and it works! :mrgreen:
    Ride On!
  10. jethro69

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    Amazing idea guys,

    Here is my version
    Pump 429 bath TescoLotus
    Box 20 bath local market :mrgreen:

  11. Cruising

    Cruising Ol'Timer

    I got a Zahara 250 psi pump yesterday in Big C for 270 baht.

    Was wondering where to get the alligator clips from in CM ?
  12. TonyBKK

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    Any half way decent hardware store will have alligator clips in assorted sizes.

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