Need your advices: Chiang Mai (or BKK) trip

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  1. As you may aware that I will be in Thailand next week.
    I will stay in BKK until end of 21Jun. I and my wife can take a flight from BKK to Chiang Mai (CM) at night time of 21Jun or sometimes AM of 22Jun, and stay there until end of 23Jun.

    For short, we could be available two days (22 Friday and 23 Saturday) in CM.
    I am now looking for your advices for the time staying there:

    - Reasonable Hotel/Motel in Chiang Mai, where we can easily walk for city tour at night.
    - Where to rent a bike (preferred a naked or touring bike).
    - Where to rent some riding gears.
    - Which roads? I like the twisty mountain roads, not the offroad roads.
    - Places to visit, where should have lunch, dinner... as we have not much time there.


    Another option that I will stay in BKK and ride from BKK to somewhere not longer than 200km. You have any idea of the place to ride to?

    And also If I can arrange this trip, I also would like to meet with Gt-riders there if you guys have time, we can have a ride and have some beers together.
    Thank you so much!
  2. While there are some decent day trips out of Bangkok, getting out, and back in, to the "Big Smoke" can be "challenging" for a Bangkok newbie.

    That said, if you decide you want to do some rides out of Bangkok I'm always up for a ride and I'll be happy to show you the best ways in and out of the city.

    Also, this is pretty much the only choice for renting bikes in Bangkok:

    They have limited inventory so best to book early or the bike you want may not be available. Not sure your riding experience but reckon you should probably choose a 250 or 650 road bike, like D-Tracker 250, ER6n or Versys.

    If you have the time you should really fly up to Chiang Mai- there are so many incredible roads to choose from up there you just can't go wrong!

    Happy Trails!

  3. VietHorse - take Tony up on his offer to show you around whilst you are in BKK - there's no-one better!
    I'm sure you'll be showered with offers in Chiang Mai once the guys see your post.
    Have a great time (you will)!
  4. If only for 2 days I would not bother to fly to CNX .... and with Tony as your guide in BKK that can not go wrong!
    A side-trip to Khao Yai and Wang Nam Kauw? Or extend it for 1 night to Chantaburi? Or even Kanchanaburi?

    Chang Noi
  5. Thank you all, guys, for your comments and guidance.
    I wish I can make me stay longer there, but seems I could not. My return flight is booked - 15:00hrs 24Jun.
    Looks like I have to see Davidfl and experience his recommendation of greatest loop (Samoeng loop) during my next trip to Thailand.

    So with the recommendation of surounding BKK trip and especially the represent of Tony that would be really really great.
    Well, you may please give me some ideas of suggested trip (loop) from BKK for day trip (or two days trip). Is there any twisty mountain roads which we can try?

    For bike rental, what if I will be at the shop around next Monday-Tuesday to arrange for the weekend? Is that still sufficient time for booking?
    I have my Motorcycle riding license (for any capacity) and Car driving license (up to 9 seats), however they are all in Vietnamese only. Is that okay with the BBR and also for riding around?

    I will be staying at Sukhumvit area (Ploenchit road) for most of my time in BKK. It 's about ~10km to BBR Shop.
    Tony, pls PM me your cell phone #, I may call you upon my arrival. At first, for some beers, right?
  6. VietHorse to be honest there are too many loops for you to do in the North of Thailand & the best one you will only decide after you have done after you've done a few of the good ones.
    The Samoeng Loop is an easy primer loop of 100 kms to let you settle in to the local environment & conditions.
    After that you've got
    1. The Mae Hong Son Loop, good for 3-4 days as a test, but you can easily take 5 or 6 days pottering around the loop.
    2. The Doi Ang Khang Loop, the # 1 over night loop / ride.
    3. Doi Mae Salong is also good for a night, but you should include this in a 3-4 day easy loop up around the GT.
    4. Doi Inthanon & Mae Chaem is also another good 1 night easy loop.
    Any town in North Thailand is almost good for a night & from wherever you are in the North you can get back to Chiang Mai in a day; so it almost does not matter where you end up at night, because you can get back to "base' & Chiang Mai the next day.
  7. Hi VietHorse.

    My office is only one stop away from Ploenchit in Chidlom.. Near Central Department store.
    If you want to meet up or any ideas on what to see and do in Bangkok.. PM me and happy to meet up or advise accordingly.

    Regarding your licence.. Vietnam is in ASEAN so you should be fine..
    But if no English.. I would get international to make sure you have no issues if pulled over by the Police.

  8. @Davidfl: Really love the Northern loops, they could be the best loop for Thai.
    If I can touch base with TonyBKK then I may rent a bike in BKK and depart from there for a trip from BKK. Next time, when I travel to Thailand alone, I may have more time and can arrange for some more days with you in Chiang Mai.

    @Brian: For sure I will call you up if you PM me your cell phone #. I will be staying very close to the Central World.
  9. Hi VietHorse,

    PM sent :)

    Certainly we should plan to hook up for some beers and talk story. Brian, Frank and any other Bangkok-based GT-Riders are welcome.

    There are a few watering holes in Bangkok that are "biker friendly" with bike parking out front, though drinking in riding in Bangkok (or anywhere for that matter) is NOT advised.

    Certainly the most popular day trip out of Bangkok has to be the Khao Yai National Park-Wang Nam Kiao loop.

    The basic loop is about 450km and can easily take the entire day as there are quite a few things to do along the way- good food, viewpoints, etc.

    Not unusual on sunny weekends to see hundreds of bikes in the area-

    Sometimes the park can be a bit wild ;)

    Do a search and you'll find some ride reports (gee, why are so many from me?!) :lol-sign:!?highlight=khao+yai
  10. Sound great Tony.
    I will try to bring along some of my gears to minimize rental.
    I may busy during office hours from next Monday until Thursday, so evening time at the first half of the week should be fine. Let's say Monday/Tuesday night.

    There is a preferred option for me to ride out the Friday morning, over-night at some place away from BKK and ride back to BKK in the day after (Saturday).
  11. 15hrs more to arrival in BKK.....
  12. :happy2:

    BBR replied to my message:

    "Yes we should have one available for your dates, give a call to Nut (0808840703) on monday, she will confirm the availability and give some more details ... See you
  13. Guys, do you know any motorcycle shop (Accessories / part / bike) within walking distance from Central World (13°44'41.92"N 100°32'28.16"E)?
    Thank you very much!
  14. Walking distance... no, not really. Nearest shop with good selection would have to be Paddock, which you can reach by taxi or subway:

    Typical goofy Thai map- north is LEFT, so Paddock is on the WEST side of Ratchadapisek :crazy:

    Paddock keeps expanding- they now occupy 3 or 4 shops in the same building, a short walk (~200 meters) from the Huay Kwang Subway Station.

    Here's what it looks like from the road-
  15. You are about 500 - 600 metres from my office.

    PM sent

  16. Hi guys!

    What say you we meet up for happy hour tomorrow evening around ~6?

    I'll give Neil and Trent and Frank a shout see if they can join as well.

    Soi 8 Pub, or wherever you like that's easy to get to and has bike parking.

    First round is on me! beerchug.gif
  17. Soi 8 is a bit gloomy.. How about Soi 11.. Mulligans. Irish bar.
    About 60 metres up past the Aussie bar on the other side of the road.

    Happy hour till 8pm. Sit in or outside.
    There is parking space for 40 cars.. so bikes no problem according to Jimmy.
    Parking undergound.

    Most of us would be on the BTS I think..

  18. Guys,
    Please tell me the place so that I can be there on time. I will done my biz and available at Intercon Hotel around 17:00 or so (traffic depending).
    It would very great to me for seeing you guys with your beloved motorcycles. Been here for two days and just see only one Harley on the street (other two wheels are scooters) hahaha.
    Awaiting to see all of you.
  19. Tony, do you have a tracklog for the below loop? I would like to download to my Garmin.

  20. Works for me! See you tomorrow! beerchug.gif
  21. Tracklog... sorry mate, I'm a moron when it comes to GPS. I get around with Google Maps and while I know there's a way to convert Google Maps tracks into GPS files, I've never done it... Brian is the GPS whiz- I'm sure he can educate us :)
  22. Tony,

    If you can email the track you created to VietHorse.. He can convert it to GPX file.
    Believe there is an option in Google Maps to share the link or email it.. Just have a look around and you will find it.

    Then Viethorse can save the KML file and using the steps half way through these instructions convert to GPX file

    I will meet you at the front of the Intercon around 6:10. I finish work at 6pm

  23. Guys, thank you for receiving me and my wife tonight. It was really fun with nice friends, cool beers.
  24. I have visited Paddock. Good one with multi-choices for gears and accessories.
    Anywhere else with many parts?
  25. Well well... it's now time for me to think of visiting Chiang Mai and Davidfl.
    I have bring the Khao Yai ride report to my team and they love that so much.
    They are now asking me if we all fly to Chiang Mai and rent some bikes for ride for 2-3 days there. Route should be advised by Chiang Mai riders (Davidfl) accordingly, otherwise we will get lost and waste money and time.
    Our team may fly to Chiang Mai with total about 20 (+) people.
    If we could find enough bikes for rent for the whole group in Chiang Mai then we cand go for a ride. Most of us prefer Sport / sport touring or naked bike.
    Further more, if time and cost permitted, we also would like to book a track with trainer/instructor for may be a day.
    So, guys, is that plan feasible? Looking toward your comments and advices.

    Thank you very much!

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