need your help on the chiang mai-pai via baan wat chan road

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  1. Hello everyone
    I am planning a short trip to the north this December .
    And trying to find out about the way
    to pai through- baan wat chan
    Is it paved all the way ?
    Is it possible( or logical ) to get to pai in one day?

    thanks for your answers

    I was sorry to hear about the treatments you are going through and hope you feel well.
  2. hi David
    I didn't remember at all that I asked that question, three years ago I went for " the regular " mhs loop.( my first loop was in 1989 on a Honda 125)
    i'm riding a vn 900 Kawasaki at home, and do not know( and don't like) to ride unpaved roads.

    but now , I saw at Google map that the road is " a good one" (for custom riders )

    is it ?
  3. Pai - Wat Chan is all asphalt now, but I heard that after the wet the road is a bit messy & needs cleaning up.
    Wat Chan - Samoeng is "still the same."

    If you want to contribute a few photos & a brief report from some of your trips it would be most appreciated.

    Cheers & enjoy your holiday.
  4. Samoeng to Wat Chan is paved till Ban Mae Tha La but the last 40 km. before reaching pavement again near Wat Chan is still unpaved
  5. Although not quite the alternative to Wat Chan, the road from north Samoeng via Paa Laan and then Mae Pae and Yang Nat, exiting on the main Pai road at Paa Pae, is nearly completely paved now with a few dirt spots along the flats and within the villages, and a short section is being regraded. You can access this route either from Samoeng or from Mae Khii along the 4017. There is a section below Mae Khii, near the resevoir, that is being repaved.
  6. From Samoeng the asphalt runs out 64 kms / 10 kms after Mae Ta La.
    Most of it is good new smooth asphalt, although there are a few sections with the old bumpy brick paving.
    The road is also narrow in some places.

    Then you've got 26 kms of the old dirt section, bumpy, often rutted & no fun in 4W or a road bike at all.
    It would be fun a 250 dirt bike though.

    Here's some pics for you...

    The good stuff - race track asphalt from Huai Mana - Mae Ta La





    The dirt 26 kms



    The road works

    road widening


    The good dirt

    Silverhawk & a Karen village en route






    Overtaking can be a challenge

    you have to pick your moments on 4W.
    No problem on a bike.

    Back on the good stuff Wat Chan - R1095

    a race track

    Overall a fantastic mountain road with magnificent forest cover & stunning views
    Check out the elevation profile


    Cheers one & all.
  7. Some pix of the Papae - Yang Nat - Mae Loei - Mae Phae - Pa Lan - Mae Pa - Mae Khi - Mae Rim roads

    From the Papae the concrete runs in about 10 kms, then is alternatively narrow bumpy dirt / concrete for the next 8kms before hitting the concrete again near Mae Phae.

    The road is being fixed - new concrete lanes, Mae Pa - Mae Khi.

    Some pix, taken on the move through the windscreen





    The new concrete




    Back on the good stuff


    Enjoy it's a beautiful 4WD drive / ride on a 250 dirt bike.

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